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  1. I have my blog posts automatically go into Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I haven't found a service to do that with Google+ yet Rick
  2. I'm in Honolulu. The weather's nice and people are nice for it being a big city. It has it's exasperating politics and high prices just like most places. Thank you for the welcome Rick
  3. I own several blogs and forums. About 20 websites in all. I was referring to the basic marketing concept and the technical abilities of both. Rick
  4. There are no silly questions, except the one not asked. Anchor text is the text in which the url or website address is links I hope this sample works in here <a href="mywebsite" target="blank to create an open browser if you wish">This is my anchor text</a> Rick
  5. Owning and forum and owning a blog are the same thing. A blog is just a dummied down version of a forum which became highly poplular. Rick
  6. I use incoming rss feeds for automatic content. I got one client ranked pretty high for their family coffee company on the Big Island using rss feeds. Sorry to answer the same post twice. It s two different topics though. Rick
  7. The forum is your mailing list. There should be a way to send announcements to forum members. Rick PS be sure to promote the rss feed somewhere viewable. It will help create backlinks to the forum and increase your search engine ranking and ease of locating the forum through links. Rick
  8. First to your queary about duplicate content, I've kept this article in one of my forums Google Busts the Duplicate Content Myth http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/09/16/google-busts-the-duplicate-content-myth#comment-94719 Second, I must disagree as to the purpose of a forum and this proving your point in the process lol. A forum purpose is whatever the forum owner states the purpose of the forum. I converted one of my websites to a forum because of the wide variety of topics and the ability to promote products and services with announcements and rss feeds. I have a section on
  9. When I posted regular to forums for seo I'd post a Title Intro Continue by clicking here http://MyWebsiteWrittenOut.com I'd write it out for copy and paste purposes in case anyone else wanted to share. What are you doing with those visitors that visit? Are you providing good information and offering them a mailing list or rss feed? If not they probably won't buy the first visit. Rick
  10. My wife, who was born here, insists we have a winter lmao Thank you for the warm welcome. No pun intended Rick
  11. I constantly tell my clients. If you don't want everyone to know it, don't put it on the internet and now I'll add a caveat to that. Don't put it in writing period! This includes texting and emails! Rick
  12. Try moving your domain from them. Then you'll find out what a pain in the okole (Hawaiian for you know what) they are. Rick
  13. With Wordpress becoming so popular I've actually had to talk people out of Dreamweaver lessons. Never used it myself I was always too cheap. I do use Komposer which is a very nice wysiwyg editor that DOES NOT mess with my other code like OpenOffice does. I wrote a program to remove spaces in my html code so I could place it in my wp sites without having to delete a bunch of spaces. You folks can have it if you want it. That's about it. The tools in wp are good. It's really which plugins to use that becomes a big discussion issue. Rick
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