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  1. Try mingleview. This software has many new features over its competitors like first application with unlimited participants. It does not require installation and also gives you HD Quality of video and gives Secure peer 2 peer connection built over SSL. In the beginning I dint know security when it was its p2p then after seeing SSL security
  2. Current Desktop (this is sad): 26" 16:9, 1360x768. (10bit color engine, 8bit IPS TFT) Laptop : 13.5" 16:9 1366x768 (8bit FRC, 6bit TN TFT) that old CRT i cant use because it doesn't fit on my desk: 18" 4:3 1600x1200 (100% Cathode Ray Tube) wish to get 42" 1920x1080...
  3. Personally I prefer Illustrator to Fireworks. Fireworks’ typography abilities are rather pathetic. What I would much rather see from the app is the ability to style elements the same way I would those very elements with CSS. That would be MUCH more useful to me and that way I’d have all the features I could honestly really need. However it doesn’t do this and as such I find Photoshop and Illustrator to be much more useful.
  4. I am planning to build an authority website on health niche. I wish to know which theme is best to use and the best structure for an authority site. What topics can we include? Do you suggest collecting emails through a squeeze page and building a list and also start a small newsletter or something on the topic? What monetization options can we use? This will be a long term project for me, maybe 2-3 years. How often do we need to update content? Sorry lots of questions. thanks in advance...
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