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  1. 10-20 or more is my golden number But I make sure that other people also take part in the conversation going inside the forums as it would show that forum as an activity! Does anyone use multiple accounts at their forums to spark a conversation?
  2. For my websites I always go for a domain register which provides the cheapest domain registrations with a good amount of services like free WHOIS privacy etc. It helps in the long run as you have more money for other aspects of your websites like premium skins and all. If registering domain and hosting with different providers had any bad aspect then the internet wouldn't have been the same
  3. I don't think that these .free domains will be free :-/ As quoted from their website So people don't expect it to be free, only the pre-registration process is free. When the domains are officially launched you will have to PAY for them!!
  4. lol no My host offers me unlimited bandwidth plus storage space I meant that 1Gbps is the network speed that is provided by my host 1 Gbps network speed offers a good transfer rate and site accessing speed
  5. Well today's next gen games are very demanding! Not only they require a decent graphic card but also a ample computing power too Like for example the game GTA 4, its a very demanding game because not only it reuires a high range graphic card like a Radeon HD 6870 1 GB GDDR5, it also requires a decent CPU too like core i processors So I would suggest you that if you are buying a graphic card for your P.C. consider upgrading your CPU as well Now with the third generation processors Ivy-Bridge on sale, consider those too!
  6. Running a home based server would be a bad idea in my opinion. :-/ If you put up a rather active site with thousands of page-views per day then most likely you will need a leased bandwidth line. I am actually not familiar with the bandwidth needs of a server but my current host has a 1Gbps line which offers blazing fast operations
  7. Yeah Was fascinated by the stuff that it can perform I.P. Board also uses jQuery for some of its effects I guess Thank you
  8. I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version) and its really the best solution for malware removal I have noticed that sometimes it also detects and removes malware that are sometimes ignored by some popular Antivirus software's like Kaspersky (KIS). The free version works equally as well as paid version though you get some extra functionality with the paid version.
  9. Paid forums are not always the final choice for everyone Like MyBB is a very good free forum software with excellent functionality that are must for a forum software. Accompanied with some plugins and a paid theme that would cost your around 10-15$ or so and you are ready to jump start your online community!
  10. I guess they strategize their development keeping it a secret from the world? Anyways I voted for MyBB Their plugin system rocks and its easy to design your own plugin if you have little knowledge about PHP. Moreover they provide a great support system over their community forums
  11. I have learned CSS online from W3Schools and some other online resources. Some of my relatives who are in the field of web designing and programming have also helped me a lot And the most important thing is to keep practicing yourself, bit by bit you'll become a Pro (too optimistic) I have spent countless hours building themes from scratch using CSS for my MyBB forum and it feels great when you reach your goal!
  12. Since you have a IT based forum with some Ninja stuff, I would suggest adding some light shaded ninja related background. Or use any other slightly darker background container instead for white But the plus point that you have is that the forum loads blazing fast!
  13. Hello fellow DB members I am sumicool7 I love computing stuff and like to build websites using CSS. Love to maintain forums and had owned some forums too! I am at the learning stages of j Query I hope to learn something new from DeveloperBase and meet some new friends!
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