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  1. I use Odesk and I just registered in Elance a few days ago. There are really lots of low ballers in Odesk. Gotta explore Elance.
  2. The title says it all. For me, I prefer Tablets because its very handy and its flat on the ground. It is much easier to read e-books with it and your teacher wont notice you if you're playing with it. lol.
  3. I always clean my desktop as much as possible. I hate it when its cluttered. It pisses me off. And I dont know why.
  4. Check out gamerzplanet.net.. No details except email address. I wonder how they did it.
  5. Very cool. Thanks for the links. I find bustaname very useful.
  6. I forgot to mention HitmanPro. This software is really amazing. It's fast because the database is on the cloud. The detection rate is pretty good too.
  7. Can you put a source to verify your statement? Thanks. On their website, it is stated that you can pre-register for about 25 domains. But it is not indicated that you can only own 1.
  8. Are they seriously free? How is the security of the domain? Can it be abused by spammers like other free domains? Is the domain AD-free?
  9. I currently use WhoIsGuard to protect my privacy. It's also very cheap. Whats yours?
  10. Your CPU is quite okay. You don't need to upgrade it. Just upgrade your Graphics Card and make sure your Power Supply can handle it. Always remember that Power Supplies are the heart of every system unit.
  11. I highly agree with this. Even my aunt and mom plays Facebook games. And they are addicted to it. I guess Facebook just fit for all ages.
  12. I want to learn hardcore PHP & MySQL so that I can make cool websites. I also want to learn C++ and C# so that I can develop my own desktop softwares. Whew! I'll gotta learn learn and learn.
  13. I tried using maxthon a few months ago. Its a fast browser with lots of features loaded. I was amazed by their pop-up video and video sniffer feature. It's a cool browser but I don't trust them that much yet. I don't feel confident using it in online banking. But on the bright side, maxthon is really awesome. They still need to convince me though about their browser security.
  14. Thank you so much for the warm welcome guys! See ya around.
  15. Windows Search is not enough. Its not that powerful. Try to install 'Everything' and compare the results with Windows Search. You'll be surprised by the results.
  16. Probably not worth it. Just wait for the domain to expire. Backorder perhaps? Why not make a new one? If you really really love to buy that domain name, then go for it.
  17. SwitchCase

    Basic PHP Guide

    Nice guide! Thank you so much for this. This will be handy in the near future. I'm planning to self study PHP few days from now.
  18. My first desktop processor was AMD. It was okay and It does the job. But Intel is way better than AMD. Intel processors are smart and powerful. I will definitely build an Intel rig in the near future. Intel all the way.
  19. As a student, I prefer using a laptop. The main reason is that I can bring it anywhere I want go. It is portable and doesn't consume big space. I can easily bring my laptop at school to finish projects or simply play games and browse the net. Even though desktops are more powerful than laptops in terms of processing power, laptops can still manage to do the tasks that I do. Keep in mind that laptops consumes less electricity than desktops.
  20. Uninstall unused softwares, Fix registry errors and defrag your hard drive. Also disable unnecessary softwares from starting up. Like Yahoo Messenger, Skype and etc. It will only slow down your start up time. Also use a light weight antivirus software to speed things up.
  21. I know basic Java, C, HTML, CSS and a little bit of Assembly Language. I find ASM difficult and hard to understand. I'm planning to learn PHP in a couple of months. Hope I'll love the language.
  22. I use Google Chrome for its stability, speed, security, simplicity, uncluttered user interface, trustworthy extensions and splendid features. I love the way it updates silently in the background and how easy it is to configure. You don't also have to worry updating adobe flash to the latest version because it is already included in the update.
  23. Do you have plenty of files on your hard drive and have trouble finding files? We'll worry no more as this free software will help you in find your files quickly. Here is a sample screenshot of the program: In this screenshot, I search for a file named "CountVowels". It is a program I made a few months ago. With Everything program, I don't have to search my file manually. I just run Everything and input the file name and results will be delivered in just seconds. So, there you go. File searching made easy. Here is the link for the software: http://www.voidtools.com/
  24. Malwarebyes + SuperAntispyware = Epic. Everyone should have both. If Malwarebytes misses, then there's SuperAntispyware to the rescue. I think there's one software missing here. It's called Emsisoft Anti-malware. It has very good detection rate. But MB and SA combination will do the job.
  25. Very nice list. I use almost all the software listed. I would like to suggest the following to be included in the list: Puran Defrag - Defragmenter Photoscape - Image Editor Everything - File Searcher Iobit Uninstaller - Uninstaller
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