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  1. Godric : IPB is very good bit software has many apps/hooks free or paid plus good amount themes to go with the software again paid or free it has price tag $175 for 6 Months support/upgrades but don't need renew whats is $25 per 6 month. If go with not renewaling basicly can keep forum software live but if there upgrade you can't downloaded, but if pay the $25 you can upgrade but good thing is you can upgrade any stage. If need test the forum you can get demo from the site allows you see what its like.
  2. I know add nameserver when buying domains but most people don't know they use own domain for nameserver all depends on your hosting provider and yes again never takes 72 hours but its best to let people know that might take that amount time.
  3. The Tutorial is ideal if you like use Twitter Connect for people to signup on your forum. Step 1) First goto https://dev.twitter.com/apps and create the application. Follow the step by step form, once you finished open a new browser page or tab. Step 2) Goto Admin CP login using username and password. Step 3) Make sure your are in the System area so click on the tab up the top, once there on left hand side click System Settings. Step 4) Once there scroll to the bottom and click Social Media and Sharing, once in there you need scroll until you see Twitter Connect settings. Step 5) Enabl
  4. I have started with one i have lot tutorials that i know be helpful with ipb if also added them ?
  5. This tutorial will help you with creating an account on GoDaddy and setting up your nameservers. Website : http://www.godaddy.com Creating account 1) On the site, near top next to the logo you have "Create Account". 2) Fill in all your details. Logining into your account 1) On the site near top next to the logo you have username/password boxes. Enter in account number and password if forgot them you can click forgot password. 2) Once login you can look at many items from your domain to buying new domain. Creating Domain 1) After logging in go here and search for a domain
  6. So far Skin css changed, new skin templates have been added, the settings with skins changed little but 3.2.x will work on 3.3.x beta but few changes going be needed, the Apps side changed also before was group into blocks eg IPS apps so on now gone back to all in one block much more better.
  7. Sorry Xenforo can't be claimed the best its not been around much its has very little add-on support at moment yes its nice software and lot people moved over but only time going tell how good will become.
  8. 1 Hotmail 1 Yahoo 1 Gmail 1 AOL 1 Virgin Media (ISP) 1 Orange (Mobile) many domain all using windows live to check them.
  9. There few bits trust me look at 3.2.x then look 3.3.x and there
  10. Ok cool let us know what you thing
  11. Nathan i going have deep look all new stuff that seen, take it you don't have accress or not setup 3.3.0 beta 3 ? if want i can hook you up admin cp on site that has it installed.
  12. I been testing 3.3.x and wow its nice most stuff look new on installing point view and admin cp not lot different public side but still in beta and once its out still could have few more updates etc.
  13. well done this forum growing fast longs you can keep it fresh then its going places.
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