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  1. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Plus, established domain registrars are less likely to terminate your domain early or cause issues with it. Also, if your hosting account gets suspended, your domain goes with it if you keep them both in one place.
  2. My dad had a book which went over the basics of HTML. This was printed back in the '90s. Before CSS. Before the <div> tag. Before PHP became a thing. It was an intense and fun journey. I remember the first site I ever created being a silly video game website.
  3. I use Namecheap but I'm planning to switch to Gandi at some point because Namecheap is starting to scare me a little bit.
  4. Yes. Where do you have the domain registered? Is it with the web store company or with a proper registrar like Namecheap or Gandi?
  5. Hit them with the ban hammer so hard. They're only there for one reason, and that reason is to spam posts about whatever they're slinging. It's not worth the moderation effort to deal with the spam besides just outright banning them.
  6. My dad bought me a CD (you know, the shiny circle with a hole in the middle?) of SuSE Enterprise Linux a while back... I had lots of fun with it.
  7. It scares me. Kids are spending their entire lives in front of a computer screen nowadays, wasting their youth... they'll have plenty of time to click on pictures on screens when they're older, they should be out dating and having fun with their friends. Also, I hate knowing that when I'm really old, these kids will know more than me when it comes to technology. They'll make fun of me because I still use a computer with a screen (!) in 2050.
  8. I know a guy with 200Mb/s upstream and downstream, he runs a few dedicated servers from his house. I suppose it's a pretty good idea like that, you don't have to pay a datacenter their profit margins. However, it does cut in to your electricity costs at home and the noise from a proper rackmount server can be disturbing especially when you're trying to get to sleep.
  9. Create a domain with Gandi and sign up and enable all of the privacy options. This will hide your info from the public. You can see an example of the WHOIS of such a domain here. See? Completely private.
  10. My girlfriend's getting a laptop for college. I haven't asked her why, but I'd assume it's because it's an interface which she is used to. I like tablets, I think they're cool, but I don't relish the idea of doing classwork or typing on them for long periods of time.
  11. My desktop isn't cluttered at all. I don't see my desktop very often because I almost always have Firefox, Notepad++ or xchat in full screen. I have a big problem with clutter in my user folder and in my documents folder, though. That's where all the unsorted junk seems to go.
  12. I can confirm that the front page renders properly in Firefox 13.0.1 under Windows 7.
  13. I code like this: $blah = SOMETHING; if ($blah == SOMETHING_ELSE) { tab_indent('like so','see?'); $i = 0; while ($i++<10) { // TODO } } I like to write a framework of sorts before doing the front-end and stuff. I also build functions as I need them, I don't go around adding pointless crap if I'll never use it. Saves work time and CPU time.
  14. I like to use Debian on servers, I started out with Debian and haven't looked back since. For Linux on the desktop, I like to use Fedora. It's pretty, fast, and just works. The different package managers confuse me sometimes, especially when I'm developing on one of my servers while booted into Fedora...
  15. I allow users of my forums to post links from the get-go, however, all links to external sites are set to "nofollow". It brings me a small sense of satisfaction whenever I see a Viagra hawker spamming keyword links to his "totally legit online pharmacy", because I know he's just wasting his time. Another reason I set user-generated links to "nofollow" is because I don't want my sweet, sweet Pagerank getting subdivided by some guy's link in his forum signature which appears on every page.
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