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  1. For stuff like this I stopped using FB for personal stuff about six months ago and never looked back. I still have an account with them for advertising purposes, but I only spend small amounts on them. FB is good for demographics targeting, but totally awful when it comes to conversions. But that is a different topic.
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    I am interested in coding in AS3 myself as I am trying to put together a skill gaming website. I am doing pretty well when it comes to programming in PHP, but AS is quite unlikeable. Unfortunately I cannot find another platform that would behave in a decent way across browsers. For those supporting HTML5, it was my first choice as well. However I had issues with timers not running properly in background tabs in FF and Chrome. That is unacceptable when it comes to competitions for valuable prizes. HTML5 might be the future, but the future is not here today, at least not for my needs.
  3. I have been using them for a while now, with decent results. For those who don't know what VoltRank is about, they're a platform for exchanging links, but a different kind from the classic ones. Once you submit your website and add the code they provide, you will receive a number of points depending on how many pages are indexed in Google, and their PageRank. You can then spend these points for adding your own links, with your own targeted keywords on thousands of other web pages.
  4. Would it even make a difference to them? Most of them are not that tech savvy, they just want to have some fun. By the way, for anyone interested in building HTML 5 games without coding, I totally recommend Construct 2 from Scirra. I've been playing with it over the past couple of months and I am impressed about what this piece of software can do. It makes building games (including for mobile platforms) a breeze compared to plain Flash.
  5. I don't know how familiar are you guys with the gaming websites where you can win/make money (if you have the skills). I am talking about King.com, Worldwinner, GameDuell and the likes. Right now they are using mostly Flash games, with some of them appearing to be built in Java. Do you think this will change in the near future? Will HTML 5 take over these obsolete technologies? I am thinking of starting such a website, but it might be too much for just one person.
  6. As quoted from the News section on that website: "Amazon and Google will have to square off against each other for control over 21 potential new Top Level Domains, including .FREE it was revealed June, 14th 2012 by ICANN. Three more companies (Minds&Machines, Uniregistry & Donuts Inc.) have applied to operate the upcoming .FREE gTLD. More information will be posted here soon." I personally think they are a bunch of nobodies who are trying to get something out of the .free hype. Right now all domains are showing as "available", including "download", "sex" or "games". What a joke!
  7. I am a pro web developer and I am totally addicted to Dreamweaver. I don't use the tools that much, but it's just perfect for my editing needs, file management and -once in a while- to quickly drop a form. I do agree with the expensive part though.
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