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Found 8 results

  1. Some of Facebook's investors found themselves down nearly 25% from the close of Friday to the reopening on Monday. Why? Because Facebook entered the stock market on it's own for the first time, without the support of it's underwriters. Facebook's debut has been less than smooth, so bad infact, that NASDAQ has been forced to change it's regulations to prevent such a failing happening again. When Facebook debut onto the stock market has been mired by problems and massive drops in stock value. From the Friday before the debut to the following Monday morning, some investors were down 25%. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/21/us-facebook-struggle-idUSBRE84J0D620120521
  2. I love Facebook, it's my fave social media platform, I maintain several groups and pages there and I think it's the best social media platform around.
  3. Facebook is a good source of potential traffic to your site having more than 2 Billion Active Users it's the largest Social Media Platform there is. There are a lot of effective ways in funnelling traffic from Facebook. One such way is by Creating a Group Page and adding people in it, again there are ways to add the correct people in. Like wheeling in people from other groups that your a member in and besides if you have good content, people would just flock to your group site and sign up for membership. If they see good content in your group site they would want to go to your external website because they would think that it has even better content so just play with this scenario. If you have some other inputs to share do post in your replies
  4. Reddit has over 250 Million Active Users as of this March, I've heard that it is better than Facebook. What is your take on this?
  5. From the inception of all the social media networks, business marketing took another different approach and dimension in how marketing activities are carried out. With the millions of people making use any of the social media networks, they are likely possible clients to any marketed marchandise. We all know how both Facebook and Twitter are among the best social media sites with lots of members, which one would you tip as the best to carrying out products marketing? I'm rooting for Facebook to be more better, because some people don't even understand how Twitter is used.
  6. Most of us have our own Facebook Accounts, Pages or Groups but sadly only a small percentage knows how to use it properly and monetize it. This thread is dedicated to help educate people on the various ways of monetizing on Facebook. I encourage members to post their questions, opinions and their recommendations on Facebook monetization.
  7. On the Facebook news feed at the very top right there is a button "Sort" Anyone else have issues with it changing on it's own? You can select for it either to show the most recent or top stories. I don't care what Facebook thinks is a top story for me or not because most of the time it's wrong. So I change my settings to always show me the most recent. For some reason every couple days I will login and notice that yet again it has reverted back to "Top Stories". It's starting to get really frustrating, anyone else notice this issue?
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