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Found 25 results

  1. With the release of IP.Board 4.x I see a new Community Enhancement for Giphy integration. Nothing huge but kinda cool like other apps to just let you embed an animated gif on the fly to your posts.
  2. Leave any feature requests here and we will review for future releases of Power Contest. Currently we have the following in the roadmap: Ability to track referrals to the forum and apply points towards them Daily login points Ability to flag a topic as "Do not count". Ability to flag a post as "Do not count". Download Here
  3. Today I was on the forum and wanted to add in a link to our GitHub and GitLab accounts next to the social icons. We use a theme from IPS Focus created by Ehren for IP.Board are by far the best out there. Out of the box they include all of the mainstream social icons for inclusion, but not GitHub or GitLab. The good news is the theme library is pulling these from FontAwesome so we just need to add a little CSS. Jump into your custom.css file, make sure you go into custom.css as then you’re CSS will not be overwritten during theme upgrades. Here’s the code I dropped in for GitHub and GitLab. You can set the background color to whatever you like, the gradient I’d leave as it’s the effect you see when hovering any of your social icons. Just update the name of the element from “sGitLab” to whatever you like in the three lines of code. Below I’ve added 2, one for GitHub and one for GitLab. a.ipsfocus_sGitlab:before{ content: "\f296"; } .ipsfocus_social .ipsfocus_sGitlab{ background: #fd7e14; } .focus-social-gradient .ipsfocus_sGitlab{ background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #4c71b0 0%, #304c87 100%); } a.ipsfocus_sGithub:before{ content: "\f09b"; } .ipsfocus_social .ipsfocus_sGithub{ background: #495057; } .focus-social-gradient .ipsfocus_sGithub{ background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #4c71b0 0%, #304c87 100%); } You can get the unicode for the content element from the FontAwesome website itself when you click into an icon. Now your CSS is ready, time to add it to the social icons html of the theme. Jump back to your list of themes and click the edit button this time, then click the “Social Icons” tab. In here you can drop in your HTML following the syntax I’ll paste below. Make sure to use your new class name, mine are sGitLab and sGitHub. <li><a href="https://www.facebook.com/prodjexapp" class="ipsfocus_sFacebook" target="_blank">Facebook</a></li> <li><a href="https://twitter.com/ProdjexApp" class="ipsfocus_sTwitter" target="_blank">Twitter</a></li> <li><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/25049182/" class="ipsfocus_sLinkedin" target="_blank">LinkedIn</a></li> <li><a href="https://github.com/nrileykc" class="ipsfocus_sGithub" target="_blank">Github</a></li> <li><a href="https://gitlab.com/gallitin" class="ipsfocus_sGitlab" target="_blank">GitLab</a></li> That’s it you’re all set just save and reload your site to see the changes. You can see our's here on the boards in the header and footer. View the how to article on our web development blog.
  4. With the addition of the menu manager in IP.Board 4.x updating your menu navigation bar has become a breeze. One thing they still have not included however, is the ability to set custom fontawesome icons on them. The standard IP.Board modules already have good icons set, but if you add external links or install a marketplace application the associated icon doesn't always make sense. Some don't have one set at all and you're left with the default page icon. Here's the easiest way to update them using CSS that won't get overridden next time you update your theme. 1. Login to your adminCP and head to your theme settings. Click the button to "Edit HTML and CSS". 2. Once there navigate to the CSS tab and then open the custom.css file. This is where you will put your new CSS code. 3. You need to find the identifier of your icon to change, so open up your board index and right click on the icon and select "Inspect Element". You are looking for the parent of your link that is a unique identifier such as a CSS ID. Mine for example you will see is "elNavSecondary_17". Copy that text and jump back over to your adminCP area. 4. Take a look at fontawesome's website to find the new icon you'd like to use. Make sure to fine the "Unicode" as we'll need that. 5. Now you just need to add the final CSS into your adminCP and you're all set. Make sure to save! /* Place your custom css code in this file */ .ipsNavBar_primary #elNavSecondary_17 a:before{ content: "\f0e6"; }
  5. Out of the box with IP.Board you cannot change the amount of recent topics it shows. It defaults to 5. Here's an edit that gives you 10 and has a scroll bar to help save on space. Lookup the file /admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/forums/class_forums.php Around line 5519 change: public function hooks_recentTopics( $topicCount=5, $output=true ) to public function hooks_recentTopics( $topicCount=10, $output=true ) You now will see 10 recent topics instead of 5. Now on to making it look pretty. Open up your ipb_styles.css file in your look and feel editor in the adminCP. Scroll down and add this to the end of file. .__xXrecent20topics ._sbcollapsable{ overflow-y: scroll; height: 270px; overflow-x: hidden; }
  6. Within IP.Board 4.x there is an option to increase the amount of topics shown in the recent topic block. The issue I've had with it is this, it extends the size of the box pushing all other items down. For some this might be ok, but I'd prefer it hold it's size and scroll. Go to your forum homepage and click the arrow on the far left to open up your block settings. Click edit on your recent topics block and increase the number to show to whatever number you like (it's set to 5 topics by default). Save the settings and close the block editor. Now login to your AdminCP and navigate to the themes area. Instead of editing your theme click the button next to it to "Edit HTML and CSS". Then change the tab to CSS and look for custom.css. Open the file and drop in the following code: .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_vertical.ipsBox:nth-of-type(1){ overflow-y: scroll; height: 412px; overflow-x: hidden; } That's it, save it and you're all set! If you're looking to do this on anything prior to 4.x see this topic.
  7. Power Auction allows you to auction products on IP.Board. I have looked around for a modification that will do this, but have found nothing for IPB. I have a full spec done on this and coding should begin tonight. My hope is to have beta out by mid March to start testing. Some Features: 1. Per Board Administration 2. Minimum Post and account age requirement to create For Sale threads 3. Want to Sell/Want to Buy/Want to Trade Options 4. Fully custom auctions: Starting Bid Reserve Bid Increment Domain Name Buy It Now Price (BIN) Statistics on Domain 5. If you have a Premium Membership group on your board Ability to hide from search engines For Sale Threads will be highlighted Threads will sticky at top of board 2 hours after posting and 2 hours before auction end 6. Email Notification for All Status and Bidding Updates.
  8. Just a heads up it looks like we are going to miss the March 15th date by about 1.5-2 weeks. March 26th is the date we now have in mind. Everything is still looking great, but we keep adding more features and fixing bugs as we continue to test.
  9. Just finished up the upgrade to IP.Board 3.3.4. I don't see any compatibility issues with the skin or anything else. If you see something please let me know here.
  10. Just a quick note while upgrading to IP.Nexus 1.5.1 for IP.Board make sure you change your FTP settings to upload in binary mode. If you don't when you try to run the upgrade utility it will fail with a strange error. I wasted quite a bit of time this morning to figure this out, hopefully I'll save some of you the trouble If you are using Filezilla you can change this setting by going: Edit > Settings > File Types Under File Types the first setting "Default transfer type:" change that from Auto to Binary and you are ready to upload. Make sure once you are finished uploading you go back in and change this back to Auto. I forgot to do this and when uploading normal web files after this they were all messed up.
  11. Well here it is the new version of Power Contest. It's now been rewritten as a IP.Board App/Mod instead of a standalone utility. The last release didn't get accepted by them due to that fact. I will post the link to it in the marketplace here after it gets approved. You can take a look at it now though as it is live on Digitize Design by clicking the "Power Contest" tab in the navigation bar or by going here. IPB Marketplace Download Link
  12. I have a license for IP.Content & IP.Board that I would like to sell as they are not in use. IP.Board - $150 - Just renewed and good until December 1st 2012 IP.Content - $35 - Just renewed and good until November 23rd 2012
  13. So with IP.Board, by default, the email system is setup to us PHP mail from your host. For most people this probably works fine, but for me I didn't want to use the email service on my server. I wanted to us Google Apps . You would think it would be as simple as dropping in the SMTP information and your done. Well you would be wrong Turns out there is a little more involved. I just got mine all setup today, so I wanted to let others know how to do this as well. I didn't find any information out there on the net about it, but the support staff at IPB helped me through it. You need to set the Override SMTP host up a little different since gmail requires SSL on outgoing mail. Override SMTP Host: tls://smtp.gmail.com You need to set the port as well to this custom one. Override SMTP Port 465 Enhanced SMTP HELO needs to be changed to EHLO. Enhanced SMTP HELO EHLO The rest you setup as you normally would.
  14. I was uploading some materials to the Premium Members section earlier and ran into an error: I couldn't figure why I was getting the error because in my PHP configuration I had already changed from I think 8MB to 50MB years ago when setting up my system. upload_max_filesize The file I was trying to upload was only 14MB, so what gives? Turns out it was an easy fix, I just had to increase my post_max_size as well to 50MB. The way PHP works if it's over that limit then IP.Board never gets to see the file.
  15. The Tutorial is ideal if you like use Twitter Connect for people to signup on your forum. Step 1) First goto https://dev.twitter.com/apps and create the application. Follow the step by step form, once you finished open a new browser page or tab. Step 2) Goto Admin CP login using username and password. Step 3) Make sure your are in the System area so click on the tab up the top, once there on left hand side click System Settings. Step 4) Once there scroll to the bottom and click Social Media and Sharing, once in there you need scroll until you see Twitter Connect settings. Step 5) Enable the system and fill in the Twitter app and consumer key. You can find this information on Twitter App page that you just created in the other page/window. Step 6) Now choose a group you wish member to be assigned to when using Twitter to sign up. Then click update setting down bottom the page and you are finished.
  16. So I'm sure any of you IP.Board owners must have saw that message pop up in the AdminCP letting you know IP.Board 3.3 is now released. Anyone update yet? Is it great? I'm waiting to get my skin updated then I will make the move, probably 1-2 weeks.
  17. After upgrading to IP.Board 3.3 I noticed that the skin change links in the "Change Theme" drop down didn't work anymore. Here is the fix: 1. Log into your Admin CP 2. Click on "Look and Feel" > "Manage Template Sets" 3. Click on the name of the template set you wish to edit 4. In the left hand menu, select 'globalTemplate' under 'Global Templates' 5. In the HTML code, scroll down until you see the following code right at the end of the template Find this code in the current template: <if test="skinchanger:|:count($footer_items['skin_chooser']) > 1"> <if test="uagentlocked:|:$this->memberData['userAgentLocked'] AND ! $this->memberData['userAgentBypass']"> <li id='useragent_msg'> {$this->lang->words['skin_browser_set']} <a href='{parse url="{$this->settings['query_string_formatted']}&unlockUserAgent=1" base="public"}'>{$this->lang->words['override_browser_theme']}</a> </li> <else /> <if test="isTouchDevice:|:$this->registry->output->isTouchDevice()"> <li> <a href='{parse url="{$this->settings['query_string_formatted']}&setAsMobile=1" base="public"}'>{$this->lang->words['set_mobile_theme']}</a> </li> </if> <li> <a rel="nofollow" id='new_skin' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['change_theme']}</a> <ul id='new_skin_menucontent' class='ipbmenu_content with_checks' style='display: none'> <foreach loop="$footer_items['skin_chooser'] as $skin"> <li <if test="$skin['selected']">class='selected'</if>> <a href='{parse url="{$this->settings['query_string_formatted']}&k={$this->member->form_hash}&settingNewSkin={$skin['id']}" base="public"}'>{$skin['title']}</a> </li> </foreach> </ul> </li> </if> </if> Replace with this code: <if test="skinchanger:|: ! $this->member->is_not_human && count($footer_items['skin_chooser']) > 1"> <if test="uagentlocked:|:$this->memberData['userAgentLocked'] AND ! $this->memberData['userAgentBypass']"> <li id='useragent_msg'> {$this->lang->words['skin_browser_set']} <a href='#' data-clicklaunch='changeSkin' data-skinid='unlockUserAgent'>{$this->lang->words['override_browser_theme']}</a> </li> <else /> <if test="isTouchDevice:|:$this->registry->output->isTouchDevice()"> <li> <a href='#' data-clicklaunch='changeSkin' data-skinid='setAsMobile'>{$this->lang->words['set_mobile_theme']}</a> </li> </if> <li> <a rel="nofollow" id='new_skin' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['change_theme']}</a> <ul id='new_skin_menucontent' class='ipbmenu_content with_checks' style='display: none'> <foreach loop="$footer_items['skin_chooser'] as $skin"> <li <if test="$skin['selected']">class='selected'</if>> <a href='#' data-clicklaunch='changeSkin' data-skinid='{$skin['id']}'>{$skin['title']}</a> </li> </foreach> </ul> </li> </if> </if>
  18. Ever since I made the switch to IP.Board 3.3 I'm unable to view the board as "Full Version" from my mobile phone. Whenever I go to the site from my iPhone I see the IPB Mobile theme. I go to the bottom and select "Full Version" and it just reloads the page. The Fix: 1. Login to AdminCP 2. Look & Feel Tab 3. Template Tools 4. ReCache your Skin Sets After that you should be good to go.
  19. Power Contest Plugin for IP.Board IP.Board is one of the largest community forum software’s to date. This plugin we’ve created allows you to facilitate and run posting contests on your forums. The entire process of keeping track and calculating points is all done automatically in real-time. By running posting contests you can generate more traffic, encourage fresh & quality content creation, and reward your users. Power Contest includes a full page dedicated to viewing, searching, sorting and filtering results along with a widget you can add to your forum’s home/index page. Features 1. Contest Start Date – Define date to begin the contest 2. Contest End Date – Define date to end the contest 3. Points Per Reaction Received – Define how many points a reaction to your post or thread is worth 4. Points Per Thread/Topic – Define how many points a new topic is worth 5. Points Per Post – Define how many points a post is worth 6. Minimum Post Length – Define how many characters a post must be to qualify for points 7. Forums to Include – Define what forums to include/exclude from the contest 8. Groups to Include – Define which user groups are eligible/excluded from the contest 9. Contest Module Permissions – Setting for user groups allowed to view the “Current Standings” front end application Installation 1. Login to the AdminCP and navigate to the “Applications” tab. 2. Click the “Install” button. 3. Select the Application file and click Install 4. Now that your application is installed you can configure the settings by navigating to Community -> Power Contest -> Settings 5. Next go to your theme and setup the new navigation item so that users can find the Power Contest statistics on the front end if desired. View the demo! Support & Feature Requests All support is provided on our Web Development Forums. If you have a feature you’d like to request you can do so by posting it here. Download Power Contest on the official Invision Community Marketplace. Admin View Front End View
  20. So as many of you know IP.Board offers a setting to allow you to send out HTML email notifications instead of plain text. I ran this way for a while but ended up liking the simplicity of the plain text emails as a lot of the time I receive them on my phone and like how they load immediately. But during this period I did wonder how would I go about changing the logo on the HTML emails. It was too hard to do really, you can ftp to this location: http://domainofforum/public/style_images/DeveloperBase/logo_transparent.png From there download the .png file and open it with you favorite editor, make your changes then upload it over the existing logo. That's it you are done. From now on your HTML emails will be sending out with the new logo.
  21. What made you choose to go with IPB? I've been using it since the beginning (1.x) and loved it. I tried other platforms and always found IPB to be the fastest and most reliable platform. Not to mention it's super easy to customize and the support and staff at IPS is top-notch. Unlike the other providers who only seem to want the customer's money without actually providing any real support *cough* vB *cough*. I used the other competitors in the past and always ended up back on IPB. Plus their add-ons are fantastic. My entire site is powered by IPS addons.
  22. While I like the feature of "Recent Topics" on the sidebar of my IP.Board, there are somethings that I wish where hidden. I couldn't find any way to hide them until just recently. I also couldn't find any help topics on how to do it. So here you go. How To Hide Recent Topics Login to your AdminCP Navigate to this location: Admin CP > System > System Settings > Search Set-up From there just scroll down to "View New Content: Block Forums" Hold down the Ctrl key and select the boards you want to hide from the Recent Topics list. Now keep in mind the only downside to this is that if you hide them from Recent Topics you will also hide them from the View New Content page. This post has been promoted to an article
  23. When using IP.Content alongside my forum I ran into trouble with the navigation buttons not working correctly. No matter what page I was on in IP.Conent the "Pages" tab would stay selected. Well I have several different pages so this won't work. To fix just drop this code into the top of the page within IP.Content for any of your pages and it's all fixed. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ $('nav_app_ccs').removeClassName('active'); $('nav_custom').addClassName('active'); //]]> </script>
  24. Ever experienced an issue being copied on all outgoing emails from you new or existing IPB forum install? I encountered this a few installs back and couldn't find the answer to this anywhere, so I figured I would share it with you. Login to your AdminCP and go here: System Settings > System > Email Set-up Within here lies the problem. If you have anything typed in where I have circled in red below you need to remove it. These are meant to be left blank within the setup.
  25. Setting the default notifications in the past was a pain. Thanks to the this on the 3.2.x release it's now configurable within the AdminCP. You can find it here: Admin CP > System > System Settings > Members > User Profiles > Default subscription method on registration
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