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Found 8 results

  1. Offline Traditional Marketing can be a useful tool in generating traffic traffic to your online site. A good article on a major magazine or any literature relative to your niche along with your link could entice people to explore your site. What to you are good offline marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online site?
  2. Reviews come from people. Should we bribe or entice them to give reviews? Good reviews sell books. My ebooks do not have reviews a fact that is hindering sells. They are sleeping there on Amazon. Meshack Bwoyele Keya is an author with books with no reviews. Where do reviews come from?
  3. We all want to have well known sites and the most effective way of achieving this is through Advertising. There's a lot of ways on doing this, some online and some offline. What to you are the most effective advertising methods that gave your site a traffic boost?
  4. List of Webmaster/Advertising Forums For anyone looking for places to promote their forum/website, check out this great list of Webmaster/Advertising Forums. These types of forums can help you improve your backlinks, exposure, traffic and also help you boost your webmaster knowledge.
  5. Tweet to 5k followers Have your message tweeted to 5000+ active followers. This is an awesome way to boost activity to your site, twitter account, forum, increase sales, gain traffic and much more. Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/justkmrock Rules/Requirements: > No Spam/Illegal/Adult Content > 140 character limit > Message must be approved my myself So how much does it cost to target 5000+ people all with 1 message? Cost: $2 via paypal PM me or post here if interested!
  6. Premium Promotion Secrets eBook – Time to stop losing and start winning! Are you ready for the promotional guide the professional webmasters and SEO experts don’t want you to see? Do you want to learn tips and tricks that that can be used with devastating effect to boost your site to the top of the scrap heap? Sick of toiling for hours and hours promoting and still no one comes to visit your site, signs up, or purchases your products? Want to actually have a site to be proud of and make some money? Do you want your site to be average, inactive or unsuccessful forever? If you even considered answering yes to any of these, you’d be kidding yourself not to investigate the Premium Promotion Secrets eBook. You’re probably telling yourself, “Not another crappy guide telling me stuff I already know?”. We I am here to tell you there will be things on this guide you don’t know, haven’t thought of, forgotten and didn’t understand! The Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a comprehensive tool enabling you with the knowledge and power to invigorate the health of your website. Most eBooks you buy contain maybe, 10, 20 or up to 50 pages of often crappy knowledge. Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a 90 page guide with more tips and tricks that you know how to use. What is covered in this eBook: > Knowledge at a level that beginners can understand and experts can still benefit from. > Comprehensive information on how best to set your site up for success when promoting. > Key promotional methods investigated in depth, with explanations on how and why you should use them to boost your website’s promotion and exposure. > Exclusive access to certain beneficial resources. > Tricks, tips and other pieces of knowledge to prime your website for success. > A set of tools you can use for life, and replicate on any other websites and online businesses in the future. > Help you set up a platform allowing traffic, members, sales and huge success for your site. Cost: Let me get my hands on this you say! And surely a product of this many pages and of this quality will cost a fortune. Surely that if SEO companies and Webmasters charge you $100s and $100s of dollars this you will have to pay even more for the secrets and tricks they use, along with much more. I am here to tell you that Premium Promotion Secrets 90 page eBook only costs you $5 (limited time, RRP$9.95). Don’t wait any longer, don’t miss out on any more potential business and activity, ACT NOW!!! Inquiries and purchases can be directed to: inquiries@promotionsecrets.net or visit Promotion Secrets. Keywords: Promotion Secrets, Website Promotion, Advertising Secrets, How to promote.
  7. What tools do you keep an eye on during those huge ad and marketing campaigns? An office friend of mine keeps up with his affiliate marketing campaigns with at bare minimum excel and the Google Adwords tool. Being a marketing noobie, I keep it pretty simple too. Anyone use any statistics tools to keep track of how effective your campaign is? What's your toolset, Developerbase?
  8. Is anyone else a member on http://www.dnforum.com ? I just joined yesterday, and to do very much you need to be a premium member, so I paid to upgrade my account ect... Seems like it will be a decent resource. Now they also offer to allow you to put a banner ad in your signature for $99/year. I'm wondering if this would be a decent investment or not? I mean the pricing actually is super cheap, but will it generate any click thru's? Hard to tell. Anyone else have any experience with this over at DNF?
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