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Found 7 results

  1. What I like most about Google is the search engine itself because it's easy to use and it's one of the fastest, I've never heard of it being down that's why for me it's very dependable. It's Chrome Mobile Interface is great, it's the best I've used and the fastest in indexing the web. Another thing I like about Google is their new line of high end advanced phones like the Pixel 2 xl which bested iPhone X and Samsung 9. It has the best cameras in a smartphone.
  2. .. that Google has been tracking us through our Smartphones when on Airplane mode? Watch this video and let me know your thoughts about this topic.
  3. The one thing I hate most about Google is their Tech Support, well if you ever had a concern in the past then you know what I'm talking about. The non existent support system they have, I think bots would do a better job lol.
  4. For me it's one of the worst social media platforms around I hate it and I dont really believe in their hyped stats.
  5. Exactly 7 years to the day, a website called YouTube launched, created by ex-workers of Paypal. Within a few months it was clear the site was going to be massive, with a huge leap in users, uploads and views. Google decided to gobble up YouTube for a huge sum of $16bn, ensuring that the video sharing site wasn't obliterated by it's growing user base. With Google's resources, the site has become a springboard for tutorial sites such as eHow. The popularity of YouTube can be seen by looking at the amount of views that Jusin Beiber's "Baby" has accumulated. Or, every second, one hour of video
  6. Do ads work for you to build revenue? I have Chitika ads up on my site right now and so far I haven't made a damn thing. I know sites that get less traffic than I do that make more then me on ads. I was banned from Adsense so I can't use that. So i'm stuck with using alternatives and Chitika seemed like the best to go with but I have yet to make enough to cash out and make any sort of money from them. I feel like having the ads up is just doing an injustice to my members.
  7. Anyone else notice the new Google +1 button? I think this is like the 4th iteration now? I like it better, looks fresh, new and clean.
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