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Found 4 results

  1. To all the Media Creators out there! Just want to know what kind of software or application are you using? I have been using Adobe Premier since 2008 and I just recently move to Sony Vegas last 2017. There are things I could not do really fast using Vegas that I can do in Premier much easier and vice versa. So maybe what you are using right now is much better in all aspects. What are your thoughts. Hoping you can help me with this one. Thanks very Much!
  2. I am finding java a bit hard to swallow at the moment, Is there any books or tutorials you would recommend? Preferably aimed at someone with no prior knowledge of oop. Could someone also give me a run down on what makes oop more efficient than functional programming. Thanks
  3. So 20 minutes later and all I've done is copied and pasted code from one page to another and it still doesn't work. So I thought 'I know I will start all over again' to start the processes of copying and pasting all over again. Anyone got any ideas to help me: Stick to it Help teach me php Stop me from Copy and Pasting
  4. This tutorial will help you with creating an account on GoDaddy and setting up your nameservers. Website : http://www.godaddy.com Creating account 1) On the site, near top next to the logo you have "Create Account". 2) Fill in all your details. Logining into your account 1) On the site near top next to the logo you have username/password boxes. Enter in account number and password if forgot them you can click forgot password. 2) Once login you can look at many items from your domain to buying new domain. Creating Domain 1) After logging in go here and search for a domain, make sure domain links with your niche and target market. 2) Once have domain name in mind see if its available, if so you can buy it, if not continue to search for another domain. Creating Nameserver 1) Once you have your domain purchased you need to go to the domain manager. Once there click on domain it self and in there are the settings. 2) Find Host Summary on the bottom left and click on add. 3) You have a box to create a nameserver, example ns1.domain.com, then below need add the host ip number, example 4) Once complete go in and add a second one if needed. 5) You are done, now just change the nameservers to the new ones you created and you are set. "Remember it takes up to 72 Hours for your domain to point to your server."
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