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Found 5 results

  1. If you have any tutorial, guide or how to requests post them here and we'll get them added to our list.
  2. So you have a Magento project to develop, you created a Magento theme, you placed initial products and categories and you also placed some test orders to see if Shipping and Payment methods work as expected. Now, everything seems to be working correctly and the client wishes to launch the site. When you enter the administration for the first time after the launch, you will see all your test orders there. You know those should be deleted. But how? This is one of the biggest challenges I've run into with Magento so far. I couldn't find any really convienent way to delete the test orders. Quite a few Google searches later I found many many different ways to do this, but they all required running queries against the database in phpmyadmin. Since I'm new to Magento I didn't think this was a viable solution as I'm not familiar with the database structure, if it would leave orphan records or delete too much. Finally I found this plugin that allows you to delete test orders within Magento click here to get yourself a copy. It's free. Now I'm on version 1.6 and this plugin shows compatible with up to 1.5. After reading some comments and seeing that others were able to use it on 1.6 I decided to give it a try. I installed and it worked perfectly. Click here to view the article
  3. The most efficient way I have found to backup my databases on my Cpanel Linux system is using a MySQL dump via a cron job. Here is the syntax: /usr/bin/mysqldump -u username -ppassword databasename | gzip -c > /home/Digitize Design/public_html/_db_backups/`date "+\%Y\%M\%d\%H\%m"`.filename.sql.gz All you need to do is replace "username", "password", "databasename", and the location of where to save the file. As you can probably tell it will also gzip the backup to save disk space. Click here to view the article
  4. So as many of you know IP.Board offers a setting to allow you to send out HTML email notifications instead of plain text. I ran this way for a while but ended up liking the simplicity of the plain text emails as a lot of the time I receive them on my phone and like how they load immediately. But during this period I did wonder how would I go about changing the logo on the HTML emails. It was too hard to do really, you can ftp to this location: http://domainofforum/public/style_images/DeveloperBase/logo_transparent.png From there download the .png file and open it with you favorite editor, make your changes then upload it over the existing logo. That's it you are done. From now on your HTML emails will be sending out with the new logo.
  5. While I like the feature of "Recent Topics" on the sidebar of my IP.Board, there are somethings that I wish where hidden. I couldn't find any way to hide them until just recently. I also couldn't find any help topics on how to do it. So here you go. How To Hide Recent Topics Login to your AdminCP Navigate to this location: Admin CP > System > System Settings > Search Set-up From there just scroll down to "View New Content: Block Forums" Hold down the Ctrl key and select the boards you want to hide from the Recent Topics list. Now keep in mind the only downside to this is that if you hide them from Recent Topics you will also hide them from the View New Content page. This post has been promoted to an article
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