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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, i really dont know anything about programming, But i really want to know. Where should i start and what is the basics?
  2. Hey guys! im starting my journey towards being a programmer. What is the minimum requirement of a laptop should i get to start?
  3. Where should we aspiring newbies start our journey becoming the best programmer ?
  4. Hello Everyone, Good Day! I am what my name tells, Joey Mercado, I am from the Philippines and a graduate of Chemical Engineering. Maybe you will ask me why and what am I doing here in this forum since this forum maybe not aligned in my course taken. However I joined in this forum for two reasons: 1. It had been advertised by postloop and I want to earn points by posting here and replying in one of the forums so that I could earn points and earned extra income if possible. 2. During my school days in college we have this Subject Called Programming and to tell you honestly I am not good at it but I've learned a lot and found out it is quite interesting., so there is a concept in my mind since most of the laboratory results are now computerize and there is a specific program for it. I think it will be beneficial to me if I learned maybe not all but even the basics for it. And I know and hoping that this forum will not limit the members for those who are well educated and knowledgeable enough in the world of programming and I am also looking forward to learn more and more and participate more in this forum. Thank you everyone!
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