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Found 6 results

  1. I have always thought and seen a lot of debate and conjecture about this issue, and as such, decided I would voice my thoughts about how to make money from forums. What are your opinions on how you make money from your forums?
  2. Previously, say 2-3 years past I designed a few forum themes and used to know my fair share of CSS and basic HTML. I'm just wondering how someone goes about learning to create more advances custom forum themes for say phpBB and MyBB. And if anyone here makes custom themes.
  3. When building your network of backlinks, backlink variation is a vital part of ensuring you get the most out of your SEO campaign. I've put together some great and easy information about backlink variation that can help people to understand this. What are your thoughts on this matter? Hope this helps out a few people!
  4. Many ways of creating and getting backlinks for your website take ages, and are painful to complete. For those that don’t know, here is a method that is quick (will only take 30 seconds) and easy, free, and is a dofollow backlink for your website. All you have to do is go http://promotionsecrets.net'>here and post a comment on any of the article including your link in the articles. This link will then point to your website, and as it is dofollow it will help with relevance and SEO, boosting your rankings. This works with most blogs, though some don’t allow comments or aren’t dofollow. This method of building backlinks through blogs is awesome and can help you increase your website's backlinks massively. This being said, it is only one of the many methods you can use to promote and increase your website’s ranking and traffic.
  5. Premium Promotion Secrets eBook – Time to stop losing and start winning! Are you ready for the promotional guide the professional webmasters and SEO experts don’t want you to see? Do you want to learn tips and tricks that that can be used with devastating effect to boost your site to the top of the scrap heap? Sick of toiling for hours and hours promoting and still no one comes to visit your site, signs up, or purchases your products? Want to actually have a site to be proud of and make some money? Do you want your site to be average, inactive or unsuccessful forever? If you even considered answering yes to any of these, you’d be kidding yourself not to investigate the Premium Promotion Secrets eBook. You’re probably telling yourself, “Not another crappy guide telling me stuff I already know?”. We I am here to tell you there will be things on this guide you don’t know, haven’t thought of, forgotten and didn’t understand! The Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a comprehensive tool enabling you with the knowledge and power to invigorate the health of your website. Most eBooks you buy contain maybe, 10, 20 or up to 50 pages of often crappy knowledge. Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a 90 page guide with more tips and tricks that you know how to use. What is covered in this eBook: > Knowledge at a level that beginners can understand and experts can still benefit from. > Comprehensive information on how best to set your site up for success when promoting. > Key promotional methods investigated in depth, with explanations on how and why you should use them to boost your website’s promotion and exposure. > Exclusive access to certain beneficial resources. > Tricks, tips and other pieces of knowledge to prime your website for success. > A set of tools you can use for life, and replicate on any other websites and online businesses in the future. > Help you set up a platform allowing traffic, members, sales and huge success for your site. Cost: Let me get my hands on this you say! And surely a product of this many pages and of this quality will cost a fortune. Surely that if SEO companies and Webmasters charge you $100s and $100s of dollars this you will have to pay even more for the secrets and tricks they use, along with much more. I am here to tell you that Premium Promotion Secrets 90 page eBook only costs you $5 (limited time, RRP$9.95). Don’t wait any longer, don’t miss out on any more potential business and activity, ACT NOW!!! Inquiries and purchases can be directed to: inquiries@promotionsecrets.net or visit Promotion Secrets. Keywords: Promotion Secrets, Website Promotion, Advertising Secrets, How to promote.
  6. KMRock is here! Who Am I: Due to the nature of the online world now days, I shall not disclose my name. But over the internet I am known as KMRock. I am male and live in Australia. I'm as friendly as they come so make sure you say hi. I'm passionate about sport, in AFL (Australian Football League) I follow Brisbane Lions, in A-League soccer I follow Melbourne Victory and in EPL I follow Everton...huge sports fan. I also love music, used to play guitar for over 8 years, but also love electronic and club music. Previous Experience: I have been involved in online management and promotion for over 10 years, and have been employed in many online staff roles, including a massive online promotion firm. As well as my previous online staff roles, I have owned a number of successful websites and business ventures. I have successfully owned, run and managed over 10 forum communities, with a number being considered very successful. I have also run blogs and websites of different genres. Current Projects: I currently have a 90+ page eBook I have created, fully original, with a website to follow, but I have other interesting projects in the works. What To Get To Know Me: For those who want to get to know me more, ask me any questions here, PM me, follow me on twitter @justkmrock. More than happy to get to know anyone . That's all for now, thanks for reading, say hi! Cheers, KMRock
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