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Found 20 results

  1. There's a lot of fuzz about YouTubers earning a lot of money by just making interesting videos, can a normal person do this?
  2. I love Facebook, it's my fave social media platform, I maintain several groups and pages there and I think it's the best social media platform around.
  3. It is said that Social Media like Facebook and Twitter is not a SEO Factor, does this mean Social Media has no effect in Google Rankings? What is your take on this?
  4. People both kids and adults are into social media nowadays. Social Media is used as entertainment and basically to connect people, this is the good side of it. It also has its flaws and bad side. What is your take on Social Media is it Good or Bad?
  5. Facebook is a good source of potential traffic to your site having more than 2 Billion Active Users it's the largest Social Media Platform there is. There are a lot of effective ways in funnelling traffic from Facebook. One such way is by Creating a Group Page and adding people in it, again there are ways to add the correct people in. Like wheeling in people from other groups that your a member in and besides if you have good content, people would just flock to your group site and sign up for membership. If they see good content in your group site they would want to go to your external website because they would think that it has even better content so just play with this scenario. If you have some other inputs to share do post in your replies
  6. Have you ever been at BitLanders? It is a Social media type of site that lets you earn up to $5-$7 a day. Though it's a bit complicated to understand their system bit those who familiarize the platform earns that much by simply posting a blog and uploading movies. If you want to check it out, here's the link: https://www.bitlanders.com/?c=gr234234__801273__0__0
  7. Reddit has over 250 Million Active Users as of this March, I've heard that it is better than Facebook. What is your take on this?
  8. Instagram as well all know is a photo sharing app like Facebook and Twitter it's Has over 800 Million Active Subscribers. If you're using Instagram, What do you like about it?
  9. Ask.fm has over 170 Million Subscribers worldwide but this social media site is becoming a haven for sex and bullying. What are your thoughts on this?
  10. It's a hot nowadays, which is more effective in terms of quality traffic and conversions, SEO/SEM including PPC or Social Media? I vote Social Media, because it can be free, results are faster than both using SEO and SEM, I can personally do target marketing to funnel quality traffic manuslly.
  11. Hey guys! How effective is social media marketing compared to the more traditional way of marketing products? How does this work ?
  12. Have you used Vine before where you can post short looping videos? Vine has over 200 Million Users in 2017. What happened?
  13. For me it's one of the worst social media platforms around I hate it and I dont really believe in their hyped stats.
  14. Pinterest as of this month has over 220 Million Active Users. How would you Tap it ?
  15. There's over 300 Million Active Twitter Users and most of them belong to the young and hip demographics. Twitter is a good place to Market things in.
  16. There's a new social media platform that pays users, I really don't know if it's true or not because I've just registered. Registration is free of charge and they claim that they are getting money to pay users from advertisers. This would be great news if Facebook would also pay their users. What is your take on this idea?
  17. Nowadays kids and teens alike are hooked on social media, there's a lot of risk and dangers in it, this includes addiction, bullying, sex and predators. It's very hard for parents to track what kids are doing on social media and the platforms do have lenient rules. I really think that there should be a social media platform strictly for kids. What is your take on this issue?
  18. Most of us have our own Facebook Accounts, Pages or Groups but sadly only a small percentage knows how to use it properly and monetize it. This thread is dedicated to help educate people on the various ways of monetizing on Facebook. I encourage members to post their questions, opinions and their recommendations on Facebook monetization.
  19. So check this out: http://letmedownload.net/ You can create a web form there that in order to download whatever file you put in it they must first tweet or share you on Facebook. Cool Concept
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