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Found 13 results

  1. Hello All, I have 8 months of experience in web development and looking for buy a book. I have checked on amazon and google list and I am confused to choose the right author between Jon Duckett’s, Jennifer Niederst Robbins, and Robin Nixon. Can anyone suggest me which book is best for web development?
  2. Today Prodjex was listed in the Top 25 Web Development and Design Companies. Here’s what their list includes: We’ve also been mentioned in the Top 5 Mobile App Developers in Kansas City. Excited and appreciate the great feedback so far, thanks for the mention! View this post on our Web Development Blog.
  3. Hello Guys! Will Go replace Python in popularity by 2030?
  4. Hello Everyone, I want to learn frontend and backend both. Can anyone explain to me I am more interested in the backend but it is necessary to learn frontend first? I am looking for web development full online course. I have checked on google to find web development courses and I have found some top courses list which i mentioned but i am confused about which one is better?
  5. There are so many programming languages used in web development, but according to you which one are the top 5 amongst them?
  6. WooCommerce quote plugin enables add to quote button on product pages which allow customers to ask for quotes on your e-store. If they need a product with different specifications then they can ask for quotation via quote form on product pages. WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin provides you easy backend to manage the quotes and you can answer them easily. It helps store owners to increase the sales because rather than a general product you can also sell products with specific attributes. This plugin cost you only $19.
  7. <img src="https://codecanyon.img.customer.envatousercontent.com/files/264349318/Product-Quick-View.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&crop=top&max-h=8000&max-w=590&s=5776805210d44524d12b5a88954cf0c8"> WooCommerce quick view plugin allows you to help customers in quickly view the products details on shop and catalog page. It displays all the necessary information regarding products in a popup window like product name, description, images, ratings etc. WooCommerce quick view plugin also enables you to choose the product information which you want to display in a quick view popup. This extension helps to save the time of customers and enhance the user experience of your e-store. It cost you only $19 and comes with a money back guarantee and free support as well.
  8. If you are looking for WooCommerce import categories plugin then you are at right place. WooCommerce import categories plugin helps you to create the backup of your e-store data by exporting the list of products, categories, customers, and orders as well. This plugin uses PHP library which helps you to customize the data before downloading and uploading. You can adjust maximum entries to import and export data in limits. You can export and import the data in a few clicks and it also enables filters to download the specific data. Cost of this powerful plugin is just 39$.
  9. If you are looking for a WooCommerce product options plugin then you are at a right place. In this plugin, you can offer extra options with any item of e-store. 12 types of fields available in WooCommerce product options plugin. Which are (radio button, text area, text field, file upload, drop down, checkbox, simple checkbox, multiple select, date, time etc.). This plugin helps you in creating product options but you can also adjust the price for the individual option. Customers will be charged for choosing the product options. The price of this plugin is only 29$ and comes with 100% money back guaranty.
  10. If you are looking for a plugin WooCommerce checkout manager then you are at a right place. Our this plugin has 9 types of fields which are you are looking in WooCommerce checkout manager. These are (text fields, text area, select box, multi-select box, radio button, date picker, time picker, and password). Use of this plugin is very simple. You can drag and drop the new fields in checkout page and customize the field labels. You can add fields during checkout steps such as billing and shipment.
  11. WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin helps you to sell the products by area, weight, and volume. It offers you to sell the items by different units and you can also offer a discount on products. WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin also enable dynamic pricing table which will help you to set the per unit price of all the products. You can sell every product by using this plugin such as tiles by sqft, drinks by liters, wires by meters, rice by kg etc. This plugin will calculate the total price according to the values selected by customers and display the price to them.
  12. If you are looking for WooCommerce registration fields plugin then you are at right place. You can drag and drop the fields into customer registration page and customize the labels to make it understandable. The use of WooCommerce registration fields plugin is very easy. You can add ten types of fields such as (Text area, Textbox, select box, Checkbox, Multi-select box, Radio button, Time Picker, Date picker, Password, and File or Image upload). Customers can edit their provided information from their accounts. In this plugin functionality of Facebook and Twitter login is also available.
  13. Monetization is that even a word? So over the years I have started many different web projects. At first it was just a hobby to learn and have fun with. After I got the hang of things it then turned into how can I make money at this? I then began the long journey of how to create profitable websites. Over the years it's cost me A LOT of money. At first being gullable to schemes and scams, learning little by little. On to "niche" adwords site that were short term income, but soon Google banned these type of sites. I continued to stay optimistic and build on what I've learned with each new site. My last project was a quote site based of a TV show. It was my most successful by far. I put it up on Flippa in in a days time sold it for $3500. The initial cost of the site was $10 for the domain, $50 for a script, a little of my time building maybe 50 backlinks, and probably 10 hours advertising. All in all it was nice to have some success and definitely motivates me to build more. So a few days later I put up for sale another aged project and made an additional $1250. While I have quite a few new ideas my next project as I've already spoken about will be Voice Server Hosting company. Will see if I'm really on the right track with my methods of building these profitable sites. Anyways just wanted to share. It is possible to make some decent money online. You just have to stick with it and find the right methods to gain real targeted traffic and monetize.
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