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Strange beeping noise coming from MacBook Pro


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Earlier today, my MacBook Pro started making a very strange beeping noise. The beeping would take place about every minute (give or take), and it stopped after about 15 minutes.


This is the first time this has happened since I got my MacBook Pro about 2 weeks ago, and I have no idea what caused it or even where it was coming from. Anybody ever have this happen to them or know what could have caused it?

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There could be a number of reasons that this happens. First, make sure notifications for email are set to off. When my email client checks for mail, it will let me know if i have some or not, with a beep. Another issue could be RAM related. In this case you can do a dump to clear the ram and see if that fixes it.


ummm, is this you?



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It depends, really. Do you have a black screen and/or won't turn on at all? Or does it beep when your Mac is on? If it just won't turn on and it beeps, it is more than likely it's a RAM issue. Sometimes, it can just as simple as a loose connection, or you can try doing what's called a PRAM reset. Right when you turn on your Mac, press Command+Option+P+R and see if it makes any difference. When you do this, you should hear three beeps, which is completely normal. If it does not make a difference, try removing one of the pieces, I suggest removing them one-by-one to see which one could be causing the problem. Sometimes you can't tell just by physically looking at them, you may have to play around little bit to see which RAM piece is causing the issue. Hope this helps!

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I think it's a warning buzzer for either memory / ram / overheating / lose parts.  I don't have a MacBook but I do have an iPad and when somethings wrong it emits a strange beeping sound, actually my laptop which isn't a Mac also does that when somethings wrong.  Just do a hard boot and see what happens on startup.

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Its probably a BIOS beep notification. Its usually a system checker that have different meaning depending on how many beeps and how long it beeps. There are several reasons why these beeps occur, it may be just a startup confirmation or an issue is detected on your system.


You can try checking your system with these codes.

You can also check this article for your reference.


I hope this helps...

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