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How many e-mail accounts do you have?

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Hey guys,


I was just wondering, how many e-mail accounts do you have? I think I have a bit too many so wanted to compare.. :)


I have:

  • 1 Gmail
  • 1 Yahoo
  • 3 Hotmail
  • 1 Personal Domain e-mail

I think thats it..

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Most of them are for various websites.


For instance, if you have a webmaster/admin account - this goes to certain people with access to that account.

Maybe a payment accepting email. Then, any personal emails with that particular domain name.


When i say gmail, i mean that i use gmail as the base for my mail. My addresses aren't @gmail.com, they are @myDomain.com with google/gmail hosting the servers.

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Hmm let me see,


1 Gmail account for personal emails

3 Gmail accounts for work

1 Yahoo account for receiving newsletters


Plus I create a new Yahoo account for each site that I have as this helps me to manage my sites more effectively.



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I have at least 15, mostly Gmail, but an old Yahoo and two hotmail ones. I have them all forwarded into a central account, though, so I only have to check one address. I have separate ones for specific things like my sites, personal, forums, trash, etc.

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I have;


3x Gmail (one for normal use, one for professional use (such as job applications) and another for spam)

1x Hotmail (old and barely used, as I now use Gmail)

1x Work email

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If we count my unused for years yahoo account, then I have 3. Right now I am using an 'official' email address for my portfolio, and a gmail account that handles it all. I'd rather have few accounts and redirect all the comments from my sites to these, than have 1 email account for each site. The good thing is that I still don't get too much email daily, so I can still handle it all pretty well

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I currently have an email account on 3 different domains. Two of them receive a fair amount of spam and I use them when signing up on "iffy" sites. The other actually has a few forwarders parked on it that push emails to my main account. This helps control spam because I'm able to delete an email forwarder if someone adds the address to a spam database and it starts receiving excessive spam.

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