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Are you the social media predator or the prey?

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A social media predator is someone who hones their skills and senses to constantly feed their social evolution. They are always searching for new communities to join, people to connect with and value to create and/or share. The predator adopts an objective and critical approach to his/her presence, making sure he is always in the best position to leverage the potentials of social media and avoid the pitfalls.


Social media prey are the people who let their presence get fat, slow and lazy, expecting their reach and influence to grow on its own. The prey live timidly on the edges of communities and conversations, not quite sure who/when/where or even why to get involved. They are always looking for the "huge break" that will never come, and eventually become hobbled by a web of frustration and intimidation.


So where do you fall? Are you the predator or the prey, or somewhere in between?

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I guess I fall somewhere in between. I used to be a prey but nowadays I have become more disciplined which helps me to get things done. I do not join each and every site that I come across as it can be quite time consuming.

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Neither. I don't use social media for hunting. :P


I'm a believer, I suppose: I believe in using social media for its original purpose... to socialise. I don't look at strategy, I don't keep up with tactics, I don't track down target audiences, measure ROI on hashtags or anything else - I use the medium as a means of expressing myself (though I've been slacking recently). Organic traffic, organic growth and real followers - that's what it's about. Not advertising, marketing and all the other poop.


But then you know how I feel about marketing in general...! :D

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