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iPhone or Android ?


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Android is definitely a cheaper solution if you love apps and don't want to be on an expensive contract. I owned the iPhone 3G before and got sick of how slow it was. I now own a HTC Desire and its amazing however the keyboard is really annoying and I don't think you can match Apples keyboard - it has the best touch screen keyboard out there.


Lastly the iPhone has the better market because it has a lot more apps and it is more secure.

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I know this is a really old post. But I'm still going to comment just because it's about Android vs Apple. 😁

Both have something good to offer and years ago I would've said iPhone because it's the only phone that would last a year's use. Now after using my android phone (it's cheap and it's a Chinese brand) I'm going to have to go with Android. It's been more than a year of me using it. Yes I've dropped it quite a few times, but it still works perfectly well like the first time I turned it on. The battery life is amazing as well. When I had an iPhone I usually charge it 3 to 4 times in one day. The phone I'm using now, I charge once a day sometimes I even skip a day.

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