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Which do you prefer?


Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor or Battlefield Bad Company 2  

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  1. 1. Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor or Battlefield Bad Company 2

    • Call of Duty Black Ops
    • Medal of Honor
    • Battlefield Bad Company 2

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I enjoyed BC2 story mode even though is was rather short, but it was ruined for me on multi-player when all you could see is people sniping with a scoped LMG.

Black ops story mode is great and much better then its predecessors(my opinion) and so far the online is doing great.


So I'll role with the cool kids and say black ops. 8-)

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i voted for BC, but how good is MoH online?


It's ok at best, it has decent gameplay but has annoying features such as you must pick a class again everytime you die and respawn, you can't hear the headset of your friends in the lobby and only when you're playing in a game. The best thing about it is that you will always get into a game quickly.


CoD is definitely your best bet for online play, despite it's glitches and annoyances, such as kicking people out randomly when joining a game, spending quite a lot of time before getting into a game if you're in a larger party, and the game saying 'Waiting to balance teams' yet there's 6 either side (12/12)


But the gameplay is very fast paced and addictive and I can play for a good few hours before getting bored on a good day.


Athough I haven't really played Battlefield, I've heard some good reviews.

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Guest Emo Bunny

I prefer BFBC 2 as it has a harder ranking system and the online gameplay is more addictive then Black ops

I  cant comment on MoH because i dont have it but ill be getting it soon :)

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I don't do online gaming much, certainly not on these games, but I have played all the CoD games since CoD4 in campaign mode, and I enjoyed them. Only been on MoH briefly, though it didn't 'feel' right.

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