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Call of Duty Black Ops Glitches


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XP Glitch -[PATCHED]

Requires - a partner

  • Start in a "Player match" lobby, not in a "Pre-game lobby" and invite a friend.
  • When the friend has joined select "Switch lobbies" and "Wager match" then "Switch lobbies", "Private lobby", select a game mode, my personal recommendation would be "Demolition" and a map, I recommend "Nuketown".
  • Then start the game.
  • Have your friend kill you once, then kill your friend once, after you have killed them end the game after 5-7 seconds.
  • When back in the private lobby with your friend disband the lobby.
  • It will then put your friend in a glitched lobby on "Nuketown".
  • Ask them to invite you and any other friends.
  • Once you're ready tell your friend to select "Find a game", you will then start the countdown.
  • It will be a private match on "Nuketown" on "Demolition".
  • Have one friend on the attacking team to plant the bomb at both objectives.
  • Have two people on defending defuse them.
  • Make sure one bomb is always planted at a time to freeze the overall game time.

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Coloured Clan Tag Glitch -

Requires - nothing

  • Go to "Player match"
  • Press "Right" to hover over your "Player card"
  • Go "Back" (B/O) and press "Split Screen"
  • Press "Up" and then A/X
  • You will then bring up your "Player card" in split screen, then choose a coloured clan tag
  • Then simply go back to XBL/PSN and your "Clan tag" will be coloured.

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Zombies Barrier Glitch -

Requires - Jugger-nog

To have got "Jugger-nog" then you must of open the stage.

  • Down a zombie by throwing a grenade at a zombie.
  • When the "crawler" is coming towards you, at the stage there is a "Turret" go up the stairs of the turrent
  • When the zombie goes to hit you, jump.
  • If done with the correct timing tou will end up on top of the "Turret", therefore no zombie can hit you.

I would recommend you make sure you have an LMG or atelast something with a lot of bullets.

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