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New phone


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I want a new phone right. And has to be half decent. And i'm skint so i can only spend like £10 a month

Basically either o2 with Nokia X6 for 24months with unlimited texts and 50 min (£10)


or (with Virgin Mobile)

Blackberry curve 8520 for 24months 50min, 250 texts, Unlimited calls to other virgins phones, Blackberry messenger (unlimited mobile web access) (£10)


Which would be better? Or any other options?

Thanks :P

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I would go with the blackberry, because most people have got one, soo you can BBM them, which will save you texts, aslo you will need as much internet as you can because everyone i know use the internet alot, soo i think in theory the blackberry is good for the money :)

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