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windows 7 installation help


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hi. my laptop had windows 7 on but recently stop working so i am trying to install windows 7 again.

i boot it up and it says "press any key to boot for cd/dvd" so i press enter then it comes up with windows is loading files. i leave that to finish then it comes up with windows is starting and the logo comes up. after that it comes up with a black screen with a mouse cursor in it and it stays on that.


any suggestions :)

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Any chance that your laptop has two drives and you could unplug the one that has the 'corrupt' windows installation on. Then try to boot up of the DVD after the other HDD is unplugged just a thought, the corrupt OS may be interfering with the setup, also check the disk and make sure its clear from dirt and debris windows disks are very sensitive. GL and post back on your progress.  :)

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thanks thrill but ive used the disk on my computer and it works fine so i know its not the disk.


shaunno i'll try that tomorrow mate :)


ill lead feedback tomorrow :)




no problem mate hopefully we can get it fixed

Edit: When it has loaded the files, and done the logo, and come up with the black screen with the cursor, how long did you leave the system on? Because it can take some time to come up with the next step, which is selecting the language.

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