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for realtek RTL8111C/8111C Gigabit Ethernet Controller v2.15 (080320)


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1. Go into your BIOS and check your boot sequence. Unless it is already, change the sequence to HDD first then whatever you want after.

2. If that fails check your HDD connection make sure its firmly plugged in.


Hope this works for you if not reply back, and include your laptop model and make thanks  :)

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First of all check the cables, it could be due to a faulty connection.


Try this:


Turn off the laptop,  hold down the FN or FTN key down, turn on the laptop, while holding down the Ftn or FN key start tapping the F11 key, you should get a box asking you to save settings, make sure that OK is highlighted then press Enter.


Also, as shaunno has stated try changing your boot sequence in the BIOS and make sure your hard drive is first. It usually tells you what key to press to enter 'setup' or 'bios' usually Delete.


What Operating System do you use? XP? Vista? 7?

Have you done anything previously that could have caused this error? Installed new software, changed settings etc?

Can you boot into Safe mode?


Post back if that fails, and we'll tackle it again :)

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