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Minecraft texture packs.


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We have business cards?


Indeed we do lad. :(

It would be a great idea to have a Geeksoup.net 'official' server, if it's popular on our forum. How much are we talking for a server? Our budget is pretty stretched at the minute (advertising, hosting, business cards etc, moving to a server soon etc) but we could if it's only cheap :)


Sounds a good idea though, I agree :D


If we got someone with the ability to forward ports you can set up your own for free, I tried it once but my router won't let me forward without doing all this weird stuff, so I might try it again, I just don't wanna screw up my Internet.

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After a delightful talk about business cards here it seems the minecraft was lost from the topic.(not really just trying to act all dramatic and stuff.)


So I bring you 3 new texture packs to add to my list, that's right 3 more!


1. LAR Games minecraft texture pack



2.The Quandary Texture pack



3.JohnSmith texture pack (well known pack)



So as I leave you with more ways for your game to be customized remember there's more out there and I'm hunting them. If you want to point out a pack that you think it great, post it!  :)

That's all for now folks. 8-)

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Hey there kids do you know why im here?

thats right to bring you minecraft textures from beyond the stars :o


No, but I do have some new textures for you to try out.


Pixeludi Pack v0.975 ( Kind of reminded me of the Doko RPG?)



Remember that old steam punk one? well some new guy decided to work on it so heres the Glimmar Steampunk pack.



Xaiwaker V.1



Now in case there are girls here playing this or in the future(hey expansion happens and who knows what cools people we get in here :o)

GirlsCraft 16x



Cel-Pak (10,000 download version)



Thats all for today.

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Got some new packs for you today.


  • Facepack AKA. Cutecraft - textured to have faces and as the title says they are to be cute, I'll leave that for you to decide.



  • [256+128] Realistic HD texture pack.



  • Soartex 0.9 64x64 beta 1.2 - I rather like this one.



  • Albion 64x - Nothing like a texture pack made on an old game you haven't play in years.


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Hello everybody I'm back with some more texture packs to get your little hands on.


qPack 2 (10k download) - simplistic design.



AaGeOn Bumpmaft 128x128



LB Photo realism pack



Peasant pack V2 (one to keep your eyes on)



Last Day (another to keep eye on)


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Have you ever been playing minecraft and felt paranoid because the night has fallen, you are carrying a horde of diamond, and the creepers are lurking?

Well paranoia be gone because i have something that will cause a greater form of fear.



Another one I been using is called EShredder's Royale Pack [Final Version] [beta 1.2_02]

With this texture pack its more of a simplistic design but yet still rather good look to the eye.


(I also have been experiencing less lag with this pack.)


RPG Renaissance, that's right a new RPG texture pack that actually looks good because i was getting sick of doku.


Was made because they want to see more good RPG texture packs, and I totally agree.

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So it has been a while hasn't it and that is because to put it bluntly, not much packs coming out that I like.  :S

But Anyway I managed to find three packs for you.


[16x16] AWESOME texture pack



[16x16] BillyCraft - a simplistic texture. (if you wonder why i put these up I like them and they cause less lag for me to use so they are good.)



Moontrain's Lucid Texture pack




I will still try my best to find packs I like but a lot of them are just CTRL+C CTRL+v styling by which I mean its a old texture pack and they edited like one block and called it their own.

But who knows maybe there is one out there which is so mind blowing to me I will be left in awe.

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