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Which Capture Card? (Yes, another one from me)

Myth of Echelon

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I have 2 choices:

Hauppauge HD PVR

Black Magic Intensity Pro


They are similar in price range but the HD PVR is external (therefore portable) but with complications of wiring and apparently has a few seconds lag. Or the Intensity Pro, which is internal and runs at a higher resolution.


I will be getting one of these soon, after I've got my new graphics card. Which should I get?

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First off what graphics card did you buy? (just wondering has nothing to do with the question you asked :))

And second personally I would get the intensity pro, simple reason because its better quality, plus its inside which means it wont get damaged. Unless your thinking about going round your mates with it or whatever and need to take it out all the time then I would get the internal solution.

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The hauppage is good but way too expensive, Also when you use them and say you are playing call of duty and a flash/stun goes off (making the screen white) it goes horrible.. Basically anything thats too white for the Hauppage will make your screen go funny for a couple of seconds ruining it.. Even at lower resolutions :/

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