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xbox 360, ps3 or pc?


What do you prefer? xbox or ps3  

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  1. 1. What do you prefer? xbox or ps3

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    • Playstation3
    • pc

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Pc is good for modding thats it, the controls are terrible and the graphics are poor compared to consoles even with all your fancy expensive graphics cards you buy! PC gaming is a serious money burner because all good pc gamers 'need' good kit which could set them back £120 for a graphics card.. Xbox has everything built in and the graphics are actually good unlike pc and the controls are simple and its interface is soooooo much better :)

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huh PC graphics are bad how so lol

I mean yeah if you have a low end computer that aint designed for gaming then yeah but a high end system blows consoles out of the water. Most graphics on console games are dumbed down so the consoles can get a steady 60 FPS. The deatil on PC is so much higher. i7+GTX480 trust me lol

Totally agree its a money burner but its a hobby for me :)

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I dont have a gaming PC but ive been on a few that are < £1000 and they still wernt as impressive as an xbox graphically.. Consoles depend on what game is played to define what frame rate it is played at..

If Pc gaming wasnt as expensive then it would be a better choice but its for people that have deep pockets which most people dont so a £170 xbox is ideal for them

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it was good obviously, just look at the price of it haha


I just feel that pc isnt as good or technologically easy to move forward.. such as kinnect even though its being released fro pc i just think pc gaming will die out soon as consoles can only imporve

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