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So everyone, what hobbies do you have?


As an example, mine are web design, basketball, gaming and probably my favourite: drumming.

At the moment, I'm addicted to drums, so my main priority is with those.

Yours can be as obscure as you like, just an activity that you enjoy.

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Well yeah, I do enjoy being with mates, but that's something everyone shares by the looks of things. :)


going out with friends and having a laugh and also i like cars. mechanical side :)

Have you done much so far? I'm quite interested in the mechanical side and have built three classic cars from nothing with the help of my uncle and I enjoyed it a lot, just ran out of time to do it really. If you're interested in what cars I've done, they are: Triumph Herald, Triumph Vitesse and Triumph GT6. (It's purely luck that they're all Triumph.)

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Kung Fu, Guitar, Piano, Singing in the band, Gaming, Doodling, Shopping (you read correctly), Photoshop etc.


Going out with mates is kind of a generic thing everyone enjoys so I didnt list it.

(Felt compelled to put that in though so you didn't think I had no friends).

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Singing in the band.

I've heard that your band is really good.


I've heard they really suck, especially the drummer.


You only heard of them. Try hearing them. It's HORRIBLE!!!


Only, joking it's coming along really well.

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