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on going development for Kinect for the PC.


The chips that power the motion-capture system in Microsoft's Kinect are being put in a gadget that works with PCs.


This will mean anyone keen to tap into the sensing abilities of a gadget resembling the Kinect can do so without owning an Xbox 360.


Development versions of the device are being sold by the Israeli company which developed the motion-spotting chips.


It is releasing the code to control the device under an open licence so anyone can use it.


PrimeSense is the creator of the chip that powers the motion-sensing part of Microsoft's Kinect.


Microsoft launched the Kinect for the Xbox 360 in November 2010 and claims to have sold eight million of the devices in the run-up to Christmas.


The device does away with the need for a controller to navigate around the Xbox and to get at content such as movies and to play some games.


Now PrimeSense is selling development versions of what it calls the PrimeSensor - a gadget that resembles the Kinect and has the same infra-red and CMOS cameras on board to do the motion spotting and gesture capture.


Tamir Berliner - one of the founders of PrimeSense - said the company was looking to get the PrimeSensor into the hands of developers so they can bring gestured-based interfaces to many different types of devices.


this is a quote from the BBC news.


this seems like a good idea :)

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Kinnect is good but obviously its new so its still not as good as it could be! :)

The fact you need a pretty large place to play it is also annoying!

agreed, in my room it is fairly small, maybe 3 metres across, but my bed takes up about half of that, than i also have cupboards on the other side so fairly small, but i cope with it.

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