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1 tower 2 screens


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just checked and atm im using 1 screen 1 tower. the cable is male VGA both ends. ive got another VGA slot but i need a female cable for it with male on the other end to go into the other screen.


can you buy a female to male VGA?

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well i want to have two screens with seperate log on at the same time but what would i do about keyboard and mouse because shorly the keyboard and mouse would work on the same screen and i want seperate one. what would i do?


thanks :)

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Integrateds usually work, just not in games.


is the difference between the male and female adapters the plugs go in and out?

Not much, they just help differentiate between two different outputs in this case. So the female will have a different output and not just exactly the same.

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I do dual monitor sometimes and in order to do it I believe you have to have 2 outward ports on the same Graphics card, not one on your graphics card and another on your on-boared graphics card, for example I have 2 DVI outward ports on my computer so it works fine. This isn't 100% but its what I do. You can not have 2 keyboards and 2 mice at the same time, because it sounds like youre trying to have 2 computers on one tower. Your computers have to be built for this. Dual monitors are used for having two full screen applications open at the same time to make it easier for multitasking not for having two computers on one PC. I use my dual monitors for things such as watching a tutorial video on youtube on one monitor while actually doing the tutorial on the other monitor.

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