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Right ive got an ACER ONE netbook obviously without a diskdrive and XP is the standard OS installed on it, I have a Vista visual kit to change the aesthetics and i was wondering if anyone knew if id be able to upgrage my OS to windows7 or actually have vista instead of the kit?  :)

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I believe that if you buy Windows 7 (or whatever cough cough) and then using poweriso or another .iso image opening software, put all the windows file into a bootable .iso file then copy it to a memory stick, change the boot priority to USB memory first (i'd check to see if you could do this before messing around) and then windows should boot of that memory stick and continue into the install screen. If that dont work you could try simply copying all the files to a USB stick and see if it will boot up that way.

And if that dont work you could try taking your HDD out of the netbook (if possible) and plugging it into another PC then load windows onto the drive, then put the drive back into the netbook. Probally should check the specs also to make sure it can run Windows vista/7 unless you've already done so.  :) good luck.  :)

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