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So, this Christmas I was bought a Sony E-Reader PRS-350. For those of you who dont know what an E-Reader is I'll explain; It's a touchscreen tablet that you can save books onto and read from.




It's a pretty good present for me as I do a lot of reading and on my last holiday had the glue on the spine of the book melt, leaving me with about a thousand loose pages in a bag.


There are a few options you can go for such as the Kindle, Sony, Pocket books and even an iPad if you're mental.


I was just wondering, what's your opinion on E-Readers? Do any of you have them and which one do you prefer?

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I'd prefer to hold a book, but if you want to change that you can obviously go electronic. I don't see what's wrong with books personally, although with these you cna have all your books in one device, which is good :)

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