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We're here to help, that's the idea :o Go to Start > type in 'cmd' (without the quotation marks) then open it up. You'll get a black box.


Type in:


cd c:\windows\system32\config\TxR


then press enter, then type in:


attrib –H –S *


Does that command work? :o Also, uninstall AVG completely.

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What error code are you recieving when you try and turn on the Windows firewall? :o I've researched this a little, and I believe it's a missing registry entry "MpsSvc.reg"


Have you got any third party firewalls? Have you uninstalled AVG?

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Glad it's fixed dude, it was a registry entry issue I believe :o Be sure to post a new topic if you have any other problems, as in 1 topic per problem (less it get's confusing)


See you around buddy :o Locking and marking solved.

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