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Need advice/help!


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My acer one netbook is bieng wierd lately.. I turned it off the other day and when i booted it back up the keyboard wouldnt work, it just beeped everytime i pressed a key.. NOT STICKY KEYS BEFORE ANYONE SAYS!


No character is typed when i press any key except 'Space' 'Backspace' 'M' (That acts as enter for some reason) And 'H' (Which acts as backspace)


i left it a week and the keyboard worked but after i closed the computer down later on and booted it backup it stopped working again, It keeps working every so often if im lucky and because its a netbook i DONT want to buy a keyboard for it because that defeats the object of a netbook bieng portable


Any SENSIBLE help would be appreciated so no sticky key suggestions as im not that commputer incapable :o

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[admin]Moving to Hardware Support ~ Thrill[/admin]


Have you tried it with an external keyboard? (I know you said about you not wanting to buy one..) If so, does it work fine? Is your laptop still under guarantee? Have you installed any software that could be causing this problem?


Cheers :o

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I dont have an external keyboard to try but like now my keyboard IS working until i turn it off.. Maybe the drivers for the board are messed up so it only works on the odd occasion? :/


Ive made sure i have no viruses or anything that would stop it working all the time so i have no idea

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Yeah I know but they're not manufacturers drivers, they're built in Windows. We'll try uninstall through Device Manager. Go to start > Run > type in "devmgmt.msc" without the quotation marks, then go to Keyboards. Uninstall all drivers listed under 'keyboard', reboot and see if this solves anything :o

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