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Google Chrome isnt working :(


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When i load up google chrome and try and get onto a website this comes up ( image that iv attached) and it say something about firewall or antivirus software thinking wrongly of it, and tell you to adding itas a permitted programme. I havent even got firewall or an antivirus installed on my laptop:L so i dont know what to do D:

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Windows has a firewall, you could try going to control panel then firewall, then check to see if google chrome is on the exceptions list if it isnt you can manually add it as an exception.



Towards the bottom half of that page is how to add an exception to your firewall.

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This is most likely your antivirus program (eg. McAfee Total Protection) blocking Chrome from accessing the internet. The firewall is blocking Google Chrome because the antivirus program no longer recognizes it - even though it is on the list of permitted programs. To fix this problem:


1. Click on Firewall > Settings

2. Click on Program Permissions

3. Click Google Chrome & the Delete button

4. Click the Add button

5. Browse for the Google Chrome.exe file (it should be in your User folder>App Data>Local>Google>Chrome>Application

6. Add the program and you're done!


Try this :o

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