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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse.


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Okay, so I'm going to write a review about the Logitech G5 Laser mouse (to be specific the 2007 model). This is a wired, usb gaming mouse with a lot of useful features.


I actually have this mouse and I find it brilliant. It's shaped perfectly for a hand which makes FPS gaming feel more natural and comfortable. Its has it own easily adjustable weights for a really customisable feel. It has a scroll wheel that can move up, down, left right and be used a button when clicked. It has built-in sensitivity buttons with three settings for easy control (the plus and minus under the scroll wheel). It also has two buttons on the left side that you can program  for any key or key combination.


The programming of these buttons is controlled through a program called SetPoint you either download from the Logitech website or install from a disc that comes with the mouse. Here you can re-program any button on the mouse, including the left and right click and scroll wheel. You can even pre-set settings that activate when you're detected in-game.


I find the programmable buttons extremely useful when I'm in-game and on mic with ventrilo or skype. I also have one programmed for the hard to reach buttons on an FPS game set up so you don't have to break contact with the WASD position.


The price is now roughly £40 (which is very reasonable for a mouse of it's calibre). When I bought mine I bought it through a computer store in my town so it cost me a bit more, however, I've had it nearly two years and it is running as smoothly as the first day I bought it. The only sign of ware is that the Logitech logo has faded slightly because of many hours the heel of my hand has spent resting on it.



So, to briefly re-cap.:


Good points:

- Laser Precision.

- Great shape for a right hand.

- Great grip.

- Customisable with weight and sensitivity

- Easy to use SetPoint program that can give you up to 5 buttons.

- Tilt wheel.

- Good price.

- Great build quality and lifetime.


Bad pints:

- Slightly awkward to hold in your left hand.

- Pre-2007 models only have one button (so be sure to buy the 2007 onwards models).

- Logitech logo starts to fade after serious usage (but it's purely aesthetic).



I hope this helps any of you looking into gaming mouses, this is widely perceived as the best. Any more question or anything I have left out please comment or PM me.


Thanks for reading.

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I've got this mouse, bought it like August 2010. Really nice mouse, lots to configure and customise which allows you to play games as you like them.


I think a new keyboard is in need for me, hours and hours of bashing on it :o

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