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Optiks Gunnar protective eye-ware.


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Optik Gunnars



OK, so today im going to review a product called Optik Gunnnars or just gunnars for short.

If you are reading this, you probably sit in front of the computer screen a few hours a day and maybe you have noticed sometimes your eyes get a big blurry, maybe even watery and sometimes lose focus of what is on the screen.


At first i though that these were more then likely a useless item and just a way of getting money out of people so I never bought in to them but one day i have some money to spend and I did. I bought a pair of limited edition black ops gunnars(cheapest model) and Tried them out and at first try I noticed a great difference, since I spend a lot of time on my pc I knew how much of a pain it is when you eyes hurt(had it a lot) and since using the gunnars my eyes hurt little to none.


As for the built quality of the Gunnars I think they are in great condition the arms of the glasses are made of a thin metal/rubber which allows comfortable use of headphones. the entire frame is also very flexible so if you got a slightly big head it will be fine.


These glasses don't just come in one form, or no. There are three main styling area being Creative style, Gaming style and tech style with many more options in those three brackets. They also have a 3D model, outdoor model and an indoor model.


Now you might be sitting there(like I was) going well to me these just look like normal glasses and will just make me look like Bono with the yellow lens. but that's your call.


Now I tend to wear my Gunnars whenever I am on a pc or games console so if your asking yes I do recommend these glasses.


If you are now thinking of owning a pair of Gunnars then www.gunnars.com is their site but you can find them all over you just got to look.

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