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HyperCam 3 Optimal Settings Help

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Hey guyse.


I'm trying to get HyperCam 3 to work so that I can record the process of graphic production within the programs I use, in HD. I've been messing with settings but having no luck getting a good framerate and/or quality video.

Even with settings like 720p 40fps the recording still comes out laggy/choppy, and I don't think it's my PCs hardware causing the problem as I can render 720p HD videos in Sony Vegas Pro and record 720p HD from my capture card at the same time, easily.

Best I've gotten so far is by using a 720p HD DivX template but no entire luck there.


I need settings to create a recording in 720p HD with a framerate fast enough to smoothly record vector drawings, which I have had no luck in so far. File size is not an issue.


Any suggestions?

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But recording in real-time from an external 720p capture card is nearly the same as recording what's on the screen right?


Specs are: 2.51GHz Dual-core processor, 2.93GB RAM, nVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 400 (I have a Palit SONIC PLATINUM nVIDIA GTX 460 Geforce 1GB waiting to be installed into my motherboard)

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My page file is only half, but my CPU is 100%.


But even so, capturing from a capture card is also recording, rendering and gives a real time preview :S

I used Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro, and it lagged for me, I have 4 Gb RAM also, I think a memory upgrade will be beneficial to you, and probably a CPU upgrade, but they're more expensive,
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Kinda out of the question as I only had it upgraded a few monthes ago :/


The original file lags/pixelates though, no the Vegas Pro render. :S

Same with me, I had to problem when it came to rendering, but when trying to watch the preview on Vegas, it was very choppy and laggy.
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