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ConvertXtoDVD Guide


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Convert X to DVD

If you ever were looking for a program to quickly and easily make DVD’s which are readable by your TV, but are unsure of how to, this will guide will show you how, using ConvertXtoDVD

So firstly install the program.

Here's the URL to the site:



Then open up a video file, this is where this program gets clever. You can import almost any video file format such as WMV, MKV or AVI’s and it will then convert them to the DVD format and put them onto a DVD disk.

Ok so, I’ll walk you through

Click on the “+” button and add a video of any kind





For example I loaded Michael Mcintyre’s Hello Wembley.AVI, which I ripped off the DVD but if I were to make it a DVD again, I’d just load it like so:





Then all you need to do is customize your background and chapters and name etc which will show on TV.

First of all, double click on the DVD options(above the titleset in Tree View) and edit the name to your choice.

You can also press the little “+” button next to DVD options and then simply press the drop down button on the Black Mirror with Video to change the startup of the DVD.





You can also change many other setting to your liking start up by simply go to Settings (the little icon on the side of the tree view with the hammer), you can change everything here – adding subtitles and how often to put chapters, I think this part is self explanatory so I’ll skip it and move on.

So now you want to burn it, make sure the disk (DVD R/W +/-) is in the drive and then press convert. It will pop out when finished


I highly recommend this program as it’s quick and efficient and makes DVD’s with little or no effort or computer knowledge required

I’d give it 4/5

:D:):D :D :D :D

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