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Turtle Beach PX21 universal gaming headset


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So Today I got a review of the Turtle beach PX21 for you. Turtle beach are a well know gamings accessory in the gaming world and have made many models for all versions of the new generation consoles.

But with many people not liking to have multiple headsets for xbox 360, PS3 and PC they decided to make a universal version of their P21 and X41 which is why they are called PX21.




The Turtle Beach PX21 headset features 40mm speakers powered by neodymium magnets. The sound this produces is fairly high quality, easily on par with what you would expect for any good gaming headset. The sound clarity is very good, making it easy to hear sounds that you wouldn’t normally be able to on a TV. Bass is deep but not overpowering, and it makes a good multimedia headset. Despite this however, it is still a stereo headset and whilst the sound quality is quite good, it is not capable of surround sound straight out of the box.





The positionable microphone is good at picking up voices and a big improvement on bluetooth headsets and the standard Microsoft wireless ones, but it won’t be winning any awards any time soon. As with the other Turtle Beach headsets, the mic is also not removable.




The PX21 is very comfortable and lightweight. After using it for several hours it was still comfortable. The large cushioned pads do a good job of keeping the headset in position but not pressing too firmly against the head.




As far as features go, the Turtle Beach PX21 does what it says on the box. It comes as a stereo headset with independent voice and sound volume controls and some minor sound controls via the Stereo Widening and Bass Boost controls. Outside of that, it does not do much more and although it does perform well as a headset, it is still only a wired stereo headset.





My verdict


Overall, the Turtle Beach PX21 performs well as a universal headset. The stereo quality is solid and is a good multimedia headset. And I have used them for at least a year + so Believe me when I say they are good for the money.


Rating: 6.5 / 10




Side note: These also work great when wearing Gunnars(if you read my other review) as thanks to the slim line frames on the arms of gunnars.

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