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Xbox Kinect just got better


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Activate 3D have just made Kinect that little bit better for all those developers and also, for the consumer. They have created a software known as Intelligent Character Motion 1.0 (ICM) which enhances the development and playability of Kinect.




On a basic level, it is a set of algorithms that makes it easier for developers to concentrate more on brilliant games than fiddling around with code to make all the actions work. Here is a section from the press release that really says it all:


“The key capabilities delivered include solutions for grasp detection in virtual worlds, inverse kinematics algorithms to enforce contact with objects, a high-speed motion recognition algorithm that detects mimicking even with partial body input, and a patented algorithm for synthesizing animations that fit seamlessly with a physics simulation powered with PhysX by NVIDIA.”


So, basically, this means that you can expect to have more games on Kinect than the current out pouring of Wii like sports game, and dancing games.


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