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Go to the folder that is being shared by users and stop it being shared.


Example: C:\Users\username > Right click Desktop folder > Desktop Properties > Sharing >Choose Stop sharing.


Try the above, and get back to us :)

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On your account.

Open my computer, left hand side right click desktop

Click Properties


Click Edit half way down. Set him to deny.




First thing I learn in my computer security course, don't deny things!


To remove all users so they can access the folders, my suggestion would be go to :




right click on your folder... choose proprieties -> go in Security -> click on Edit... and remove all users who shouldn't have access to your folder.

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If he changes permission for his brother's account, his brother will still be able to see them because he's an administrator. The best option is to make your brother's account a "standard user" or a "power user" (power user is disabled in updated WIn 7 version tho).

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