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Call of Duty Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack


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Hopefully by now, you have all heard of a little game series called Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh installment in the series. Treyarch have recently revealed details for the Map Pack called First Strike.


The map pack contains four new multiplayer maps: Discovery, Berlin Wall, Kowloon and Stadium; and one new zombie map: Ascension.


Ascension is set in an old missile launching facility in Russia. Just like the other 3 Zombie maps, you progress throughout different section of the map in an endless supply of zombies trying to gaw out your brain. A new addition to the zombie maps are "Hovering" Machines, which will transport you from one side of the launchers to another. In total there are 3 of these launchers.There are also two new perks, PhD Flopper, a perk that detonates a ‘Mini Nuke’ when you dive in to prone and destroys nearby zombies and Stamin-Up which increases the player’s movement


The new multiplayer maps are truly sensational. There is Kowloon which is set on top of the city of Kowloon, there is many buildings that you can duck into, as well as a zip line that is based with in the center of the map that transports you to one of the edges, quick and easy transportation, but it pays a price as you are completely defenceless as your gun is tucked away until you land.


Discovery is an abandoned German outpost that was used for researching in World War 2. This map is located in the snow, and offers many great snipering spots. With this map, there are many long chasm in which if you fall in, you DIE! Within the map, there are 3 destructible areas where the snow below falls away and the chasm below is revealed, forcing players to jump or dolphin diving across.


Next up is the Berlin Wall which is separated by east and west sides with the majority of the map covered in snow. There are 2 walls that seperate the east and west sides and inbetween these walls are 3 crossing paths or the "No Mans Land" where if you enter them, you will most likely die. Berlin Wall also offers great snipering spots if you know where to go,.


The last multiplayer map is Stadium and is a stadium, Ice Hockey to be precise. In this map there is no special feature like in the other maps. There are many two story buildings that have windows and balconies for easy sniping, but also you can be sniped.

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Yeah they do, what do you prefer, me writing a review a week or me copying and sourcing something else?


They don't have to be really lengthy, short and sweet is preferred. The more the better, it's your time but we appreciate each and every post :)

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