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Samsung Galaxy S


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Note: for this review, I am basing my experiences upon my own use of a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.




-Super AMOLED 4.0 inch screen with multitouch that supports up to 5 simultaneous touches.

-Fairly good battery life.

-Fully updated android OS - the phone is running Froyo 2.2.1 which improved the already solid android OS.

-Access to all of the android apps through the market (plus other, non-market apps).

-1GHz processor - handy for flawless multitasking.

-Aesthetically pleasing design - the phone is very light and super slim and looks great.


Full technical specifications can be seen <a href="http://galaxys.samsungmobile.com/specification/spec.html?ver=high">here</a>.


The 'Hyper Definition Super AMOLED' screen is a full 4" (4.0 inches) which I know was the best for a good while, but there are now bigger screens, possibly better such as the Dell Streak and HTC Desire HD, although I find that despite a smaller screen size, my Galaxy S fits its purpose perfectly. I have a friend with a Dell Streak and another two with Desire HDs and a common problem is that they're sometimes too big to fit in pockets properly. My Galaxy has both security in my pocket and has amazing quality images and videos as well as brilliant multitouch (which I have tested) and perfect touch sense.

As for the Galaxy's battery, the phone has a default Li-pol, 1,500mAh. Now, I would like to just point out that a smartphone's battery is destined to not be great - I recently had to use older phones that lasted a couple of days between charging. However, this phone lasts pretty much bang on 24 hours. I charge it every night, but it's never on a ridiculously small amount of remaining power. This is after continued use, especially during school, such as twitter and texting throughout the day and facebook a couple of times, along with random internet browsing or similar.

Android is a brilliant OS for tablet PCs and mobile phones and seems to improve perfection with every update. The Froyo 2.2 update brings mostly little changes, but they amount to a pleasurable experience. The apps all work so much better, such as with my task killer (Advanced Task Killer) which now kills only background tasks, as opposed to you having to unselect tasks you were using. By this, I mean that you can be playing music whilst playing a game and the task killer will not turn the music off. The apps are the same as with any other smartphone, but you can install non-market apps as long as they are in the .apk format, plus you can use certain installous type apps to access the market for free.

The processor is your standard 1GHz processor as with nearly all of the top of the range smartphones currently, though some do perform differently. This processor isn't the best, as Dell's Streak's battery can run many more background apps with less lag, but the Galaxy's does the job more than adequately for me. I can run twitter, SMS, internet and listen to music flawlessly.

Many people liken this phone to the iPhone/iPod due to its looks. There are similarities, but at the same time, I feel that this phone is as nice to look at as the iPhone (3G or lesser, as 4 has changed considerably), whilst being quite dissimilar. The phone is much thinner (I have tested with a friend's iPhone 4) and much lighter. The first thing most people tell me is that the phone is very light, whilst also being so good.

Unforunately, there are some bad points, though none that concern me too much.


-The phone is supposedly notoriously easy to break, due to general consumers' gossip. I have heard of the phones breaking from small drops, but I dispute this as I have dropped mine twice without anything going wrong. I did have to buy a new phone, though that was due to an accident involving my father, alcohol and a washing machine. Long story short, I think the problem can be helped by purchasing a case, which I will do in the very near future, but keeping your phone in a good condition is ideal.


-The android updates can be very delayed. The last one to Froyo 2.2 took many more months than was planned, supposedly due to a Russian keyboard problem, but Samsung are delayed anyway, so for speedy updates, you will either have to root your phone and get a beta and untested version, or a new phone. Again, this isn't much of a problem as the updates are never crucial.

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or download it using a torrent website?

That sort of works, but you have to root your phone first, which I can explain how to do if anyone ever does need it. The reason you need to root it is that the OS will be foreign to the phone and from an unverified author, so the phone won't recognise it and the safe mode will prevent it from happening unless it's rooted.

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