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Recent Protests


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Hey all, the recent protests in Northern Africa and in the Middle East have me thinking that I may do the same in my school. My school has a dress code and girls are NOT allowed to wear any pants on any other day than sports days, 1 time a week, and numerous people are complaining but my school ain't doing anything about it, I have come here today to wonder how i could get this message across to the executives of my school with doing illegal matters. And people have already tried to talk to the principle about it, he isn't doing anything, please help me,

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Are you a student at the school yourself?


Students don't have the power you think, in most cases like this, expulsion for the 'ring leaders' can occur, as well as getting the police involved. School protests are usually either over something severe such as hygiene/working conditions or teaching quality, but not over something as menial as dress code.

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yes, but the thing is that over here we have freedom of speech, and a few other freedoms,

I just assumed your were British, but I see you're Australian. Freedom of speech is limited, despite what it's called.

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