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STS-131 Launch Via Discovery in HD

Der Walker-Kaiser

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Just thought i'd share this video with you. As some as you may know I'm a massive space geek and love anything to do with NASA.


I went to Kennedy Space Centre last year and was lucky enough to see (hear and feel!) Discovery return to Earth safely.  :cool:



Did you know?

1. If you stand anywhere up to about 1.8 miles away the sound alone will kill you?!

2. If you stand within a mile of he launch pad the heat will kill you?!

3. At lift-off, each engine burns 220 gallons (around 1000 litres) of fuel per foot (33.3cm)?!

4. At lift -off It will burn around 8 tons of fuel a second?!

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That was simply, amazing! It reached nearly 17,000MPH (seventeen thousand!) before the video cut off. I am interested in space and that, but I haven't got the mind to comprehend such stuff! I enjoyed Professor Brian Cox's TV series last year, and looking forward to his new one next month. I also have his book which is the same as the TV series last year.

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