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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xbox 360


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I have just finished the campaign mode of Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360, and I have to say it was something. The story was gripping but at the same time it was over powering with the feeling of war just like many games have been doing recently. The way that you was the SAME character through out the whole game unlike in Call of Duty was great, the way how you could the personality of yourself and the squad. You play as Preston Marlow, the latest recruit in your squad: Bravo Two. Sarge the Squad Leader is the only one in Bravo Two who requested to transfer to Bad Company. Then there is Haggard, the red neck who just loves to blow things up, including a place that is carrying an EMP powerful enough to cover the U.S. and that just leaves us with Sweetwater, a Technical and Communications Specialist who is too smart for his won good, He figured that his brains would keep him in the rear with the gear, but that all changed when he uploaded a virus to a secure military network which he wasn't even meant to have access to in the first place.


The glorious locations that you travel to in this game include South America and France. All the locations you go to look stunning because of the help of DICE. They blended the particle effects and game objects in the foreground with the more static looking backgrounds, the result is a real sense of depth that alot of games go without.  But the one thing about this is that in a few moments all of the foreground could be destroyed with the destroyable environments, one thing out the many that makes it look over Call of Duty games.


Once you have finished looking around at the glorious landscape and remember that this is a war game and not a travel show, you will start to notice that this game has actually taken something away from the Call of Duty franchise, a streamlined and cinematic storyline. Unlike the original Bad Company game, this game actually has humor that is funny, a level that is open enough for you to flank your enemies but not open enough for you to start in France and end up in Germany. And also the fog has seemed to disappear. With this, I was actually interested in the game, and I started trying to figure out what would come next like on a soap opera.


The visuals are good and all, but the mechanics of the game are what makes it or break it, you could have the greatest graphics in the world but you could have 5 seconds lag in between firing a gun and being able to switch weapons, but with this game, it truly has both great graphics and mechanics. Between the last game and the new, the instant respawn's and the med kit injections have vanished and they have been replaced with standard checkpoints and regenerative health bar, that really makes it feel alot more realistic, while i would prefer the regenerative health to disappear once for all.


Though i said before that the gameplay has been streamlined, it feels as if the game has missed the epicness feeling that developers are looking for these days. I believe that part of the problem is in the direction of the cutscenes, but a large part of it is the non stop high intensity adrenaline gameplay. In one level, you could be one minute blowing up a car with a RPG, and then sniping soldiers that are barreling down on your team with the manned turret, then seconds later exploding cars from the side of a helicopter then setting down and call in airstikes. This made the whole feel of the game over done.


Spoiler Below 


Most people will come away from campaign mode and feel disappointed, at the end you are told you are going to Alaska to fend of the Russians, in which you just stopped their plan a few seconds laterago but now they have a new one, the game leaves it open for it's players to feel either wondering about the next one, or not wanting to play it again, luckily i was in the first group. Kudo's to you DICE

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