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fix monitor settings


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I have a related problem. At least it sounds like it. How do how to access control panel or otherwise to fix monitor settings? Screen box says: Signal Out Of Range H: 94.1Khz V: 751Hz Mode should be below 1280x1024  75 Hz. Obviously, selected to wrong settings. I can access safe mode and have change monitors but still the same. All was well before I messed with it. Help please.

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1.Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.

2.In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab.

3.Drag the Screen resolution slider to the left to decrease the resolution of your monitor, making text and pictures appear larger. Or drag the Screen resolution slider to the right to increase your monitor’s resolution, making text and pictures appear smaller.

4.Click Apply to have the new resolution take effect.

5.If the Monitor Settings dialog box appears, look at your display. If you like the new resolution, click Yes. If you do not like the resolution, click No, and return to step 3 to try a different resolution.

6.Click OK.

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